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Hi my name is Barbara Lamie. I am looking for a rent to owen home. But my income is. Ssi. I only get 2100 a monlthy Add comment

The people who work for Vanderbilt Mortgage are mean, rude and don't want to help anyone. You pay on a home for 15 years pay double what is worth and one accident where my husband can no longer work they are going to take my home. You cannot reason with them. They don't care. Don't ever buy any home from them. Evidentially the owner of Vanderbilt don't care either. That's because he is filthy... Read more

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they are the worst company to ever do business with i brought a home for 29000 dollars and six years later the payoff is 36,893 dollars where did my money go and they want to put me out of the home. real bad customer service. some one really need to file a class action lawsuit against them as soon as possible. you can make your payments and be 2 dollars short and they will put the funds in... Read more

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They should be shut down.. They told me not the buy medince for my autistic daughter. That she will be okay and i if i get behinde on my payments they going to foreclose on my home. I HOPE someone sue them cause they are so disrespectful Add comment

harasses a sick heart patient who can't see at all calls at least twice a day won't let her tlk at all they keep interrupting before she gets a chance they tlk way too loud an demand that she borrow money from family an friends who r just as broke as she is if I ever tlk to them its on like donkey kong Add comment

I have been in my home for 10 years now and I have been trying to make due. However when the home was delivered, one of the bedroom walls fell (still falling), it was leaking in the home and still is, there was glue all over the walls and the carpet (glue still on the walls), and the back door was leaning and still is therefore we can't use it. Now since I am so fed up with the way things are, I... Read more

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I am very disappointed with this mortgage company because of the way it treat us. This company do not help their customers when they need loan modifications, deferred payments, or refinancing due to unforeseen situations. They harass you continuous by calling every day even if you tell them when to expect payments. They are rude they talk over you as you try to explain why your payments are... Read more

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Include me in the class action lawsuit this mortgage company is mob run them and there contractors are Crooks Read more

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I bought my home in 2007 and still have the same amount owning on it when I first started my husband had a stroke and I had to back surgery and had to call them and they wouldn't listen it sounded like their didn't care about happen to me and so now their sent me a letter I have to be out of my home on the 8 of December 2015 and their will give $500.00 so I don't know what to do I lost Read more

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Been with these *** holes since 05. Think i would have been better off dealing with the mob. Add comment

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