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I have also, had the same problem with my payments going up. I bought a new home from Freedom Homes in Ashland, KY. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THERE!!! They hired a "contractor" with MY money. My house is sinking on one side (the house is only 4 years old) they keep telling me its not but, when you can't see the pads the house is sitting on and the bricks are half way in the ground I think we have a problem. I'm not a contractor but, I do have some... Read more

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This company is a joke. They make me cry everytime i talk to them. They are rude, unprofessional, and downright degrading. They have no concept of money managing. Add comment

I had just experienced the same thing with this payment was $383.64 and then i got a bill in the mail it was for $411.65!! I asked them why it went up they said insurance had went up. Well that put me in a bind. Im still trying to get caught up they said im 2 months behind and asked me to make 2 payments this month!! They have ppl coming to my home and wanting to set up payment plans. I was denied a mod loan. These ppl are wrong... Read more

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I have had a loan with this co. For 13 years,never missed a payment and had financial changes in my life. SSDI.Tryed to get the interest to a lower percent.They returned a letter saying that I could pay my loan and would not help me.Also had damage to my home from hail,they want to keep my ins check they just told me. I don't know what I will do Add comment

Have a very bad experiance with vanderbilt behind in house payments spoke to the jackasses at customer service and now the attoenwy filed a complaint wow what ninnys run this place and do nit buy a house from clayton homes they are un on the scam whomever usee vandwrbilt and clayton homes is dumb Add comment

Been with Vanderbilt Mortgage for only 2 months now not by choice and have already received a letter of my payment going up an extra 25.00 a month according to their annual review there will be a future shortfall to pay my my taxes. I have lived in my house since 2001 been through 3 different mortgage companies and this is the first time I have ever had my payment go up. I have read all the complaints against Vanderbilt and it is scary as... Read more

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I have had a loan with these people for two years. After first year payment went up $60 dollars?? Then when you talk to them they are rude, unprofessional and use scare tactics. Do not sighn anything witb these people!! Add comment

I attempted to purchase a mobile home from their sister company Clayton Homes. I was told everything was good and all I needed to do was pay off a couple of loans to complete the transaction. I actually did as I was directed only to find out they still weren't going to provide loan. When I spoke with them they actually stated the fault was mine. I am OK with not qualifying for their loan but it is quite another to be deceived & then blamed.... Read more

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Over the past several years, Vanderbilt has raised my interest rate from 5-7.5%. So high I can not make the payments. I got the home from Freedom Homes, and there is a great deal the contractors did/did not do which has made it unsellable! Entire Roof leaks, Large cracks on walls, siding is buckled from heat, ceilings in 6 rooms leak, duct work is shoddy. The worst part? If you reach the 15 day late payment date, Vanderbilt sends one of "their... Read more

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Plz txt me i want in on the law suit! We was suppost to have a 6.1 interest rate and at closeing they raise to a 9 and they mess my roof up when buliding the house and more number is 8646214811 Add comment

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