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I bought my home a 2016 3bedroom 2 bath mobile home in October of 2016.To staart with it took them 2 months to set this up and still did not do it right.It is unlevel and doors wont close and when the home was delivered it was damaged.the roof and it was missing shingles and it looked a if they had hit something with it.Vanderbilt told me it was Clayton mobile homes problem not theirs and when I contacted Clayton he said to contact Vanderbilt after several months I finally threatened Clayton with legal action and they came out and only half *** fixed the problems and the trailer is still damaged and still unlevel. A month after I got the home the resturaunt i worked for closed down.I was unable to pay the payments and got behind.In january I tried to make a payment and it was suppose to come out of my mothers account 6 days later they finally tried to get the payment and by then we had figured they werent taking it and some of my mothers bills came out on diredt pay and there wasnt enough to cover it we were never notified and no communication from vanderbilt about it until a month and a half later.I left messages several times and they never return my call.When i finallly got ahold of them they told me I had to come up with $2043. and once we did they would work with us,It was hard for us to come up with this much.but we did it with my mothers help.After they recieved that they then told us we had 2 weeks to come up with 1500 and I dont get paid but every two weeks and I have 65 % of my check go to child support which makes it hard to dothis....I had my mother call them because I was working as much as possible.they gave us the run around and told us they had already filed foreclosure procedings.their communication skill lack severally not to mention the product is not a well built home.They seem to not care about anything including the condition of the home and that a person can only do so much.I am now consulting with several places to do what i can to save my property which was willled to me by my mother but was given to me so i could have a decent place to raise my children.and now i am in danger of loosing it all.

Review about: Vanderbilt Mortgage Home Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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