We bought our home brand new in 2002. We always sent our payment in on time.

Until once we fell behind. We were first time home buyers along with having our first baby. The first time we were late they let us know by harassing us until we told them when we would be caught up with our payment. They were awful to us and rude.

We tried to explain our situation to them but they didn't care. Instead of calling and being reasonable all they had to say is if it wasn't paid in two weeks they were taking our home. Funny because it wasn't even a month late! Ever since this has happened we aren't in no hurry to pay these people.

We pay it when we feel like it, maybe if they weren't so rude they wouldn't have so many problems with people. They are really going to be upset when they get their house back! We are sick of dealing with such rude, awful, UNPROFESSIONAL people. They even went as far as to call the people that live down the street from us (Whom we don't even know) to tell them to have us call them!!

The lady that was called was highly upset with these people. She said they were even RUDE to her and she doesn't even have an account with them!! Something has to be done about these people! I understand when you owe people money their job is to get you to pay what you owe them BUT when you are unprofessional and rude about it...GOOD LUCK getting your money!

At this point in the economy people are walking away from there houses left and right...maybe if Vanderbilt wouldn't talk to their customers they way they did people would fight a little harder to keep their homes! I can't even begin to explain how rude these people are!

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Being rude seems to be the norm for Vanderbilt. A fews years ago, my wife and I were doing through some very difficult times.

Our grandson was very ill and our daughter was out of work. We got behind in our mortgage payment and explained to Vanderbilt our circumstances and asked them to send us papers mentioning "foreclosure". We had a very difficult time getting these papers from them. Then our grandson passed away.

They called and I told them again the circumstances and that our grandson had just passed and that we would be back in touch with them in a fews day, we just wanted to take care of burying our grandson. We were at home a couple of days later, with a house full of people paying there respects when a representative from Vanderbilt knocked on the door. A stand with flowers was on our front porch, denoting there had been a death in the house. He paid no attention to that and just wanted to get "this mortgage thing taken care of".

I told him that I had talked to someone in the office, and would contact them when things concerning my grandson were taken care of. He was so persistent,that I had to slam the door in his face. In about an hour someone from the office called and wanted to know "what my problem was".

People at Vanderbilt have not respect or consideration for their customers. I would not recommend doing business with them in any way.


Here is a simple solution for all of you all PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME per you contract. No it is not illegal to call friends, family, neighbors to give a message to you to call them if you are ignoring their calls. If you pay on time they will not call you, stop being cry babies


They called and told me my check was damagaed by the mail service. Since then they have been very rude and calling all the time.

I wanted my check returned but they said they couldn't send it and couldn't even give the check number when I talked to them. They tried to pressure me to set up an online account and when I told them that I wanted to mail my payments instead they were very rude. I have never paid late and never paid late charges. This one payment is late because of them.

I have never dealt with such rude people. My loan was bought by these people and I regret ever hearing of them.


well, our problem is pretty much the same as the ones above. we actually did not finance through vanderbilt.

our mortgage was sold to them. the 1st company was wonderful. vanderbilt calls me at work every day wanting to know when i will be calling in a payment. it is now where i don't want to call it in.

i am starting to mail them again. a person by the name rebecca calls me all the time. they are rude to me and they now the situation. i have talk to a person and they tell me they are documenting what i say.

so why does this woman have to call me when she has my info already. i owe not even half a payment and August. they are threating to foreclose if payment for the half payment isn't made by the 31st. we have been in bankruptsy and in November it is over.

the payments that have been taken out of my check for it, can now be put on the trailor. i will be glad to get these people off of my back. what ever you do. don't use them to finance anything.

they call your whole family pluse strangers to get messages to you. we have had enough :(

to sam Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1218413

it is illegal for any debt collector to call you while you are at work. check it out....


I agree with you!! If we do not pay on the 1st of every month They are calling.

They call anybody. People who know nothing about us. Is it not illegal to talk to people about our finances? People we don't know?

If they do not have their money by the 5th, they threaten you! I've had enough!

to jon Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1218414

yes it is illegal. look up the privacy acy

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