In 2007 my first home burnt down on my 1yr wedding anniversary. My husband & I both had good jobs and was able to get financed for a new home with Vanderbilt.

We moved into our home 1 week before christmas and then 3 weeks later, my husband was laid off his job(jan.2008). Vanderbilt refused to help me with anything. Very rude customer service people and they even sent someone out to my home. I asked for help before I got too far behind and nothing, then I was put out of work (the only income in the household) on shortterm disability due to 7 surgery procedures and Vanderbilt still did not care.

I am only 29 with a husband that cant find work and a 6 year old child, I had to file bankruptcy to try to just save my home and they are still not willing to help...they say they are privately owned so they dont have to go by federal modifications..they say it is up to them.

Warren Buffett(one of the richest persons in the world) has ownership in this company - Have a little compassion people! There are people out here that really want to keep thier homes and is working very hard to make it in these times!

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WOW! Ok, so not paying at all is understanding.

However, I was offered a loan through them in which the numbers do NOT add up. 30g for a small house is what I was looking at. I thought we were just talking. I never signed any papers or applied personally for a mortgage.

Then I get a letter stating the loan amount is $51,000 and the payment is $710. The interest is 13.98%.

I never signed a thing, I never even showed them my Identification.Oh yeah, based on these numbers, the total payback is over $102,000. If any normal person did this, we would be in prison for grand larceny!


I again agree with Brian. FYI once you file BK a bank is no longer allowed to contact you in reguards to you payments.

That is the law!

Once you file you are on your own to take reponsibility and cath up to keep your home, cars and anything else in the BK. Grow up!


For traci, this shows what type of person you are to come on here with your abusive language. Vanderbilt is under no obligation to do any modification, and according to your comments you can afford the bills.

I am sorry that your husband could not find a job anywhere (mcdonalds, grocery store, temp jobs) for almost a year to pay the bills. The simple fact is you are responsible for the debt no matter what. If you do not pay then you loose the home, same as if you do not pay for a car they repo it. Call your car co and ask for a modification and see what they say, i bet they would laugh, but people expect mortgage co to do modification even though they signed a contract.

GROW UP!! If you are only due for december then call and set up a postdated check for when he gets paid (as long as it is before the end of the month) and they will stop calling and ask if they can extend the jan payment to the end so you can get all your bills caught up as he has a job now. Also you said they looked at modification and they said you make 400 to little, this probable means even if they put your mortgage back out to the term it originally was (this is how they do modifications on mobile homes) that according to the debt ratio you still would be 400 short on your bills each month. They will not do a modification if it will not solve the problem.

If you have not been paying on your loan long your payment will not drop by much by putting back out the original term, as this one reason they would not do a modification to the person who started this topic as her payment would not have changed.

Most of the payments you pay at the beginning of a mortgage is mostly interest (look online for amorization table and will break each payment down for mortgages). Even on a 15 year loan after a year your principal will have dropped very little, it is not till the last few years that most of the payment is principal and not interest.


Brian you are a ***.......let me tell you something....In Dec of 08 my husband lost his job. He tried like *** until November of this year 09 to get a job.

He finally got one. I lost my job in Sept, I am still looking for a job. Vanderbuilt does not help anyone ever..........when I got scared we were going to get behind before I lost my job, Vanderbuilt did a debt to ratio and we had $27.00 left at the end of the month. The lady told me I should be excited to have that left and said sorry we wont help.

when i lost my job, i panicked and called to see if they could do some kind of modification so we did not get behind once again they looked at the debt to ratio and said well now you make $400.00 to little for help. Sorry but we cant help, we can do an extension if you promise in two months you will have a job. i said I cant make a promise to you I might not be able to keep. Once again sorry we cant help.

In November they took an auto draft payment out of my account without my permission because we cancelled of course they have no record of it. I am still fighting with them to get the fees replaced for my bounced check and return fees from other checks I had written out for bills. So here we are in dec, the phone calls have started because my payment is late. My husband started a job two weeks ago he has not gotten paid yet.

I ask if they could do that extension now I low and behold now we make two much money again and they will not help us. So now I am behind on all my bills because they took money with out permission and wont replace it. There response was well chalk it up to your November house payment was made on time. That was that.....today the guy said they help people that need it.

but yet he could not tell me were that line was that they help at......and just in case you are wondering I do have a truck payment that is made as well, but late every month just as the house payments have been for the last 6 months. I have utilities that I pay the bare minimum on to at least keep the utilities on and I have two children that I am raising. We dont go out to eat, we dont go out to the movies or whatever. We shop at the cheap grocery store.

My kids wear second hand clothes from my friends thift shop.....I owe my in-laws money because I robbed peter to pay paul so to speak. So far you to sit and place judgement on people you must be the most perfect person.

Vanderbuilt does not help their customers. They are there to make a buck and if you need help to bad ***.


I am amazed that people would come on here to defend this couple who never even made one payment on their home then complain that the mortgage co would not work for them. They filed bankruptcy because they cannot pay there bills and still complain.

They say vanderbilt will not help after they filed bk, what do they expect, the courts set the bk amount but this is still a secured loan, do they want the home for free. The person is correct they do not do the VOLUNTARY obama modification plan. They are under no obligation to do that. We are not teaching are kids and responsiblity by not paying our bills and then blaiming everybody else.

When I lost my job last year i was making 30k salaray plus about 13k in bonuses from the co I worked to making 275 a week unemployment. But i never let my bills or my home go past due.

I was out for 6 months looking for a job. You signed a contract now be an adult and pay your bills on time.


I guess you are no better at reading this page then reading your contract. I DO NOT WORK FOR VANDERBILT, or clayton homes, or any affilates!!

If they did have a job making 30k great, but any income is better than none to help pay bills. It does not matter if you loose your job, house values go down, you go out on disability.

You still owe the debt and if you do not pay then you can loose the home. You dont pay the electric they shut it off, you dont pay your phone they shut it off, you dont pay your car they repo it, a home is no different.


No Vanderbuilt does SUCK! They do not help out whas so ever.

And Brian really if someone had a job making 30k or 60k and then lost thier job, going to work at Mcdonalds or some other job will be income but still it won't be enough. I just be you do work for Vanderbuilt you try to hard to defend this company.


It does not matter what the interest rate is. In the years I worked in mortgages with 2 different companies I usually see the same thing.

They complain they cannot pay their mortgages, but have one car payment that will be 500, another 400, (all paid current) you get their bank statement to prove income and you see them going out to eat 2-3 times a month and going to hair salon twice a month. The simple thing on this complaint is she never even made one payment then has the guts to come on here and complain out this company would not help her?? That is just embarrasing. You signed a contract pay your bills!!

And what are you talking about pay off? This was her 1st payment. And for the 100th time I do not work for vanderbilt but a national finance co that also does mortgages. Even in the loan co I work for, you do not pay your bill and it is mortgage they will foreclose, if it car it will be repo, if just signature loan then they will sue, garnish your wages, and put a lien on your home.

It is time for people to grow up and take responsbility for their bills like adults instead of blaming everybody else. If you cant afford do not buy it!! It is nowhere in any contract if you loose your job, or home values go down, or cut in pay then the finance co will reduce your payment or let you skip payments. You also have to have showed some good history and good faith and NEVER even making a payment is not good faith or history.

Also she said she filed bk and vanerbilt still would not help, what did she want them to do then.

Never made a payment then files bk, and the court is the one who helps set the terms. If you dont pay the bk they can still go to the court and take the home.


Brain you are so sure of yourself you always say, you pay your other bills why not pay your home loan, your other bills don't have a large intrest rate on them, like your mortgage, the light co. work with you and will except what you have and is willing to take any payment, the phone sevice now are only $40 dollars or less a month your car payment are some time payoff or less than 300 a month or you can car ride or walk, but what you all are doing is heartless.

you have taken people money for years, and don't want to stop, even when is time to pay it off, you are the american greed of the world. you all going to pay at the end.


I am not sure where you live that in 11 months he cannot find any job, temp services, mcdonalds, fast food, grocery stores. It may not be the job he wants but there are opening somewhere within you area I am sure unless you live in antartica.

Simple thing is you didnt even ever make one payment on this and then you are going to complain against this company because they would not help you?? I definately do not feel sorry for you, I feel bad for the one who lived and PAID for 11 years and is struggling. You have electric you dont pay they cut it off, you have other bills you dont pay you loose it, your home is no different. What would happen if you were living in an apt and didnt pay rent, they would kick you out, same thing!!

Grow up and pay your bills!! What does it matter you filed bk because you cannot pay your bills!


First of all Brian smart *** my husband is a very hard working man and has been looking and applying for a job every since December 2008, so don't think that he is a slacker because he has worked the same job from 1995 until December 2008. You don't know where I live and he has even considered bagging groceries at local grocery stores but they are NOT hiring you ***!!

Find something better to do with your perfect rude obnoxious *** other than make *** *** comments about people who has basically fell on hard times!

Forgive us for not being perfect just like you!! Every post that I have read on here you have something smart to say so in saying that kiss my ***!!


Also your situation is a little different you have been in home 11 years not your 1st payment as the person who started this topic


As i have said in my other post i was out from aug 08 till jan 09 (6 months) and still made sure all my bills were paid on time, so i have been out before. This is nov 09 and you said he has not worked since dec 08??

Why, there is jobs out there, may not be the best or pay the best but would be income so at least could pay your bills. There is no reason to be out that long, even if it is not the best job or the pay you are use to.


As i have said in my other post i was out from aug 08 till jan 09 (6 months) and still made sure all my bills were paid on time, so i have been out before. This is nov 09 and you said he has not worked since dec 08??

Why, there is jobs out there, may not be the best or pay the best but would be income so at least could pay your bills. There is no reason to be out that long, even if it is not the best job or the pay you are use to.


I agree VMF will not help you with anything!! We have had our home since 1998 and I lost my job in January and my husband was self employed and hasn't had any work since 12/08.

And they will not help you out at all very rude!!! And for Brian lord forbides if you lose your job or if you become disabled because your *** will be in the exact same shape!! This is the first time that I have ever been out of a job and I have been working since the age of 15.

So be very careful about how you are so quick to pass judgement!! :(


You had not even made one payment and was asking for help and mad they did not help??? It is true they are private owned and do not have to do the VOLUNTEER govt program.

They had no history to go off to help you.It is not their fault your husband lost his job or that you are out of work. If you lived in apt you would still have rent, you still have electric bills i am sure they didnt say not to worry about the bill.

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