I recently 6/4/14 offered VMF 55K to pay off on a 62.3K . All Mr Seth wanted to know was where we got the money.

I asked him why did it matter, I just wanted to know if they would take the offer and have it to them in 5 days-(June 9th) via bank transfer or bank wire.

He kept asking how/who and where the money came from. He said VMF had to make sure it was legally obtained and have their paperwork filled out before hand. I let him know our credit union knows where it came from that what matters be it Life insurance or heritage. When I or clients are trying to get out of a Bad situation with VMF -They make it worse.

I will be filling a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office.

No one trying to help themselves pay off a loan should have to go through the 3rd degree and called combative. Not their business where I got the money.

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p.s...in the comments section on check ..write,,"payment in full" if they cash it...its final


the reason he needs to know...is hes trying to dodge an FBI inquiry against vanderbilt...send a certified bank check by certified mail and forget it...you dont need a reciept

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