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felt like a bunch of used car salesman... something is very fishy with this outfit... they wouldn't even return my calls when they found out I had my own financing... (plus someone from Vanderbilt mortgage doing an employment check on me seemed half retarded...)

although, I did visit a happy homeowner in a clayton home after I left the dealer lot... the interior was very nice and they didnt have much negative to say about the home or install process??? The home exterior looked nice with stucco and it surprisingly did not feel "manufactured"...

still, something is not right with the dealership we visited (Lakeland, FL)... be wary...

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From experience they are a bunch of jerks.They

are so hard up they want to charge interest on

insurance and play like you are late on mortgage. They think they are the only people who keep records. I liked my other finance company and wished i still had them.They call at least 3 times a wk i tell them to kiss where it's split.

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