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they try to bully you into what they want and tell you that you have to pay an amount and you send them all but 300 and your not 3 months behind .they dont care your going to send then another500 the next week to be fully payed up do they think we dont know our rights that if they take us to court that they'll get their *** burned or is it they just dont care i want to talk to a REAL SUPERVISER and stop playing with these so called stupidviser that they put in charge of the accounts

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Grow up and pay your bills on time. You do not pay your bill they will call you.

Your right is to pay your bill or you loose your home!!

It is the same as anything else, you dont pay your car they repo, you dont pay your electric it is shut off. Stop complaining that you didnt pay your bill on time and they called for money


We need to get out and some noise! Let your councilman/women, senators and whom ever else has come form of influence.

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