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ok listen vander bilt is a rip off do not buy from theses people they lie to you and threaten you i bought a moblie home when oakwood accpt, was in bussiness and with out notice oakwood is no longer in with out knowing anything we get a letter with a payment book stating they are our new mortgage people we never signed a contract with vander bilt but they tewlling us that they do,nt go by the one we signed when we got the home in 2000 the best advise is turn it over to your attorney genreal office like i have done also bring in the media on theses crooks its time to stop them in there tracks i have read so many things about theses people and they are true we all need to stand together and take out vanderbilt mortgage

Monetary Loss: $33.

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It does not matter you signed a contract with oakwook, they filed bk and vanderbilt bought your loan so they own the loan now and the contract. They still have to follow your contract but they can collect and repo same and oakwood had.By the way the company is vanderbilt not vander bilt.

Mortgages are bought and sold everyday and is 100% legal. It does not change anything you still owe the loan.

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