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I put $28,000 down on $68,000 have paid over $40,000 since the end of 2005 so realy this place is paid for but still owe over $60,000 for something that isn't worth $40,000 if that much they talk to you like we are trash tell you not to pay other bills not to eat beg churchs for money and will not work with you in any way and say that the LAWS DO NOT APPLY TO THEM BECAUSE THEY THINK THERE GOD WELL THEY ARE NOT. MAY THEM AND THERE EMPLOYEES GET A TASTE OF THERE OWN MEDICINE !!!!!!! WILL BE SAYING PRAYERS THAT IT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM AND THERE FAMILYS

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I agree with every thing you say about Vanderbilt. :sigh Someone needs to try and start a class action lawsuit to show them we will not be S--- on.


Tell me about it! I paid 22,000 for my home and 14 years later I still owe 18,000-I am definitely on the wrong end of the stick!

Also I got hurt and called BEFORE I got behind and they said they couldn't help me that I needed to ask my elderly parents, my neighbors, the local church for help-which btw they had already called ALL my neighbors to let them know that I was behind so that covered all the local church congregation, so now because of a injury I no longer have any respect in my community. They even came out and took pics of my house and I was only behind 2 weeks.

I hope the pathetic owners of this company have to experience what it is like to be hurt, broke and helpless and harassed at the same time. Is there any real help out there for injured people who can't pay their mortgage right now?

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