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I can't believe the number of people who think not paying their bills is their mortgage company's fault! Unless you were physically forced to sign the contract...take care of your responsibilities!

Stop waiting around for the government to bail you out of a situation you got yourself into. Everybody runs into hard times and they deal with them. Americans or the biggest spenders yet the biggest compainers once they are in over their heads. It's amazing how things like bankruptcy laws can be manipulated to be used by the irresponsible.

Good luck whining around to everybody because at the end of the day it's your own fault!!

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It isnt fair

Yeah this person must be a cold hearted #@#^%%^ , Hope the LORD shows you the same mercy you show others . Karma is a mother , may you suffer as Job did and see if your faith of your mouth lets you in the gates , MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULLESS and MERCY-LESS HEART .


I financed with Vanderbilt in 2002, I bought a MH in the amount of 32,000. I have been paying 430.00 a month and still owe 29, 434.00.

It is a total rip off.

Have anyone gotten paper that a sue has been brought against the company and they are ready to settle. I filled out the papers last week.


to johndoe1974, you think it is people not taking responsibility for their mortgage as to not paying their payments. people trying to keep their homes in these time will possibly hit you and then see if you do not eat your own words.

their are people trying to keep their responsibilities, but they are losing there jobs in the process. maybe you work for vanderbilt looking at your comment. God will have vengence on those who cheat people in times like these.

everything will come around in full circle. when this happens to you, remember these words, God will bring onto you the same you have no compassion on.


Well poster, who thinks no one should complain about hard times, I agree not complaining, just wanted to get some help from people whom I had paid 130K on a 77K note in 13 yearsand by their data I still owe 65K, May the sun be beaming down on you as one day your life is turned up side down. By the way, I have not been waiting on government, nor will I ever, espically since I have never received a unemployement check, food stamps, of free anything in 55 years.

I dug the hole and in process of digging out, just takes a few spoons full of dirt every day, and since the 323 jobs where my wife worked is now in Mexico, which has no minmum wage, no enviromental laws, no workers comp, non of the rules we small businesses have to live by, and now BHO now wants to tax small businesses for insurance, which I can not afford for my family let alone others. " If change is not fatal, why is it that our Gov, can not change.


Im guessing that the above poster must be an affiliate of Vanderbilt, lol....wonder how much he got paid to post here? And double Amen!

Been in litigation with Vanderbilt for 3 years, hope everyone can fair better than I have so far, however don't give up....I havn't, at the end of the day, I know I'm right, and that my fight is legitimate it's mr.

john doe and his boss warren buffett who should watch for nightmares. And hey, Mr. Doe, can't post your real name why?

We all do. Whatcha skeerd of?


hahahah vanderbilt your the whinning babys where in the world did you people get your licence from a crackerbox. there is laws on how you handled things threatening people is one thing is against the law.

i wonder what the news media will think of your threats. also when did you all think you do,nt have to go by a contract that was signed when the home was bought, there has to be a contract because if theres is not then we do,nt owe you nothing it would be a "null" all you really are is a collection agency. i rember when i call you all it was told on your tape recording . thank god we have a new president that will crack down on people like you.

oh by the way you do,nt have a heart that was so much lies even some of your x-workers tell the story of how you people really are. if you had a heart you would not treat people like that and rember if it was,nt for people like us you all would,nt have a job would you rember Customer are number 1 not unless you are all working for to lossing your jobs down the road cause i am sure when vanderbilt starts losing money and losing customers that you will be laid off then we will see how it fills when you all are on the other end and no one will listen to you.

Austintown, Ohio, United States #6816

I've been making my payments on time for 10 years and paying 100.00 extra to apply to principal. They never send a reciept nor send one when you ask.

I called earlier in the week to get my principal balance and they claim I now owe more money than when I started and stated that I only sent the exact amount. Thank God I kept all my bank records and Check copies FRAUD !!!

Oak Grove, Missouri, United States #5333


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