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ok let me explain something here you must work for theses crooks are you would,nt be saying that also let me tell you this if you never had a loan with vander bilt then you do,nt know nothing have you tryed to work with them no you have,nt why do,nt you get a loan with vander bilt and lets see what happens down the road. do you honestly think all theses people are saying this for the fun of it no there not matter fact check your attorny genreal office see how many complaints they have on vanderbilt i know how theses people are and they are the wrost mortgage people there is yes they have a job to do just like any one else does but the matter is they have no rights to threaten anyone just think that could be you they are doing that to people listen up turn this in to your attorny genreal office for action againt vanderbilt mortgage i have already done it you be suprized to find out they have tons of complaints on theses people

Review about: Vanderbilt Mortgage Loan.

Monetary Loss: $33.

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