Vandrebilt Mortgage SUCKS!!! Beware of this company!

They care about 1 thing only and that is money!.No matter who you talk too there they say the same thing and they really dont care about you or helping in any way unless its a huge profit for them. Stay far away from these Greedy blood sucking parasites .We have gotten knowhere with them except more lies and B.S..Go after them and File a complaint with the attorney general in your state & Tennessee.Stop companies like them and put them out of bussiness.Spread the word and warn everyone you know to avoid this company at ALL cost!.

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I have vanderbilt mort. and just called because I am 3 weeks behind on the payment that is it.

She was the rudest woman ever, and told me to pawn something!

HELLO...Im not doing that...she said my house should be the # 1 priority...I told her feeding my son and paying our utilities were a must and then i told her not to worry about my # 1 priority that I would get them the money when I get it...and hung up what a rude witch! (my husband is not working as many hours as before due to the japan earthquake) THey are not helpful at all, they just want their money, they dont care!



This mortgage company based out of Ohio is the sameway, they refuse to give any help on loan modification of their interest rates due to job loss and poor economy. All crooks. You pay three times the orignal value of the home when you finance.

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