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My husband lost his job 2 months ago and we have been struggling to get by even though I work a full time job... We could not make the the full August payment but we did make a partial payment.

They call 5 times a day. My husband just started back to work and with his first check we will be able to catch up all the past sue amount. When they called today I explained that we would be able to have all past due amounts paid by the 5th of October, she said I'm sorry we cant take that payment, you have to have it cleared up by this Friday.... I was told to borrow it.

when I asked about the letter that I recieved stating we had until Oct 10th, I was told I could not read and that was not what it says... I was also told I needed to find a job closer to my house since I was paying so much in gas to get to work.... Always asking very inappropriate questions... I was told my mortgage was more important than getting to work...

UMMM Hello dumba** that is how I pay my mortgage.... This is the only place that I have things financed thru that harrass you and do not work with you.... Sad thing is they are supposed to be built on "Christians Values"... My house is not even 1 year old and is falling apart..

It will not last 20 years...

I have floors that are buckling and make soft spots....I feel sorry for anyone else... I would consider this predatory lending

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I am having the same problems with them. They refused to take a 75% payment today from me.

I was just a little short on the amount and they refused it.

I said I will pay the rest next friday. These people are such ***.

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