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I purchased a home from them back in 2005. Due to circumstances I gave the property back voluntarily in 2006.

They explained to me that it it would show up on my credit as being repossessed. I was okay with that. I ended up filling for bankruptcy trying to rebuild my credit. How do they expect a person to do so if every 6 months they are reporting that the property has been repossessed.

Here it is April of 2008 and a report was sent in last month. I think that once is enough. It is rather mean to keep someone from moving ahead in life just beacause they are not happy with the situation.

They need to be investigated, besause it appears to be quite a few people that are not happy with them.

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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1218517

them reporting it and renewing it if im not mistaking its in violation of the bankruptcy laws. read up on the bankruptcy laws that should help.

Abingdon, England, United Kingdom #22439

You dont even have to sign up to be with them....I WAS SOLD TO THEM 3 months into our signing the loan agreement. Started out with Conseco and ended up with Vanderbilt. They are disqusting heartless theives.

Hallsville, Texas, United States #9579

oh i so know how you feel my husband and i are trying ot rebuild our credit and they keep putting 30 days past due on our credit even though i have contacted them and told them my situation not only though did they put it against my husbands credit but they also got my social security number and put it against mine is that not wrong!!! i will never get any thing through them again nor will i get any thing through clayton homes they are all for screwing over people!!!

to ashley Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1218519

if you did not sign the contract then you can't be held responsible for the foreclosure and it shouldn't be reported on your credit report. you need to dispute it through the credit bureaus, then contact an attorney for identity thief and also ask for extra money because of the denials of other credit you have been denied and higher interest rates you have had to pay due to them fraudulently reporting someone else's debt on your credit reports.

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