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I was laid off in April and was trying to get Vanderbilt to work with me on the payments but they just refuse to work with me and threatens me with forcecosure cause I'm $290.00 dollar behind. Ms.

Rogers at Vanderbilt is so rude somebody need to take the responsibility to sit the customer service rep down and teach them how to respect the customers and maybe they'll receive some respect back. Someone done told them they were God and that's not true. Ms.

Rogers need to brush up on her customer service skill because she really don't have any if you ask me. Unless they pay her to be "B" she need to be fired.

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:( Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. use Bullying tactics in order to get somewhere and it actually hurts their company and instead of helping it.

I think generally everyone wants to pay their bills on time. But when you offer Vanderbilt solution after solution and they refuse well then why do they state they will work with you especially if you get laid off or in the whole. In my case specifically I have paid all my payments for 12 years equaling $51,264.00 and have approximately 4 more years to pay on a mobile home originally priced at $32,000.00. I will have paid Vanderbilt $68,352.00 for a mobile home that will not be worth $10,000.00 when I am done paying for it.

Do you think it's right for Vanderbilt to send people to my house to take pictures and call me 15 times a day just because I get a couple of payments behind? Do you think it's okay for them to refuse a solution that I can do. Do you think it's cool for them to call your child, who is a minor, on their cell phone asking your kid if they know anything about your house payment? I just talked to a very rude person named Patricia who works at Vanderbilt and she did not listen to a word I said and she hung up on me twice.

What kind of behavior is that? I've also in the past had someone from Vanderbilt call my job and ask other employees about my house payment. By the way I've worked hard all my life and always try to do the right thing. If Vanderbilt would treat their customers nicer they probably wouldn't go out of business.

But I have a funny feeling they will go out of business. I have also installed a recorder on my phone to tape our conversations. Just so people can hear and see what goes on with the Vanderbilt people when someone gets behind on their already paid for mobile home sometimes paid for triple. 12% loan to someone who was 19 years old at the time.

And the above statements by Brian probably works at Vanderbilt so I wouldn't pay much attention to his post.

Either that or he's never had to struggle a day in his life and hates people who live in mobile homes. Tlady44 is right what comes around goes around!


for tlady44, i have been laid off for 6 months before i could find another job. But I still kept all my bills paid up per my contract. It is all about being a responsible adult and paying your bills and stop blaiming others.


Brian I hope you never, ever, ever, get laid off, fired, let go, get sick or need any help because what comes around goes around.


FU&K... Vanderbilt SUCKS...

Always HAVE...

and yes, everyone there is rude... I am actually selling my house just to rid of them :(


I have a loan through Vanderbilt and have fallen behind on occasions.Some of the reps are rude but not all of them are.I talk to Kathy and no one else,She is very nice,undrstanding and wants to help you! She doesn't care about a bonus she wants to help you.Call and talk to her,she makes you feel like somebody not a dead beat beause she understands that things happen and to beat you up when your down doesn't help anything,something some posting on here could learn.


Just to clarify there are 2 brian writing on here. I wrote on Written by brian, on 14-01-2010 19:22, the last one was not me.

But he is correct.

You are behind then you are in default, it is that simple. Stop trying to blame everybody else in the world that you can not pay your bills on time as an adult.


Brian, you're a fool. Did anyone ever tell you that? .....and I know, "you walk among and you vote"....***!


I guess it hurts when someone shoots it to you straight. I just pointed out the obvious.

If you are behind then you are past due and in default, that simple!

If you can show me ANYWHERE it is in your contract that they must help you, defer payments, or modify your loan i will take it all back. Everybody just wants to blame everybody else instead of taking responsibility and paying your bills on time!


It does not matter how much you are behind, YOU ARE PAST DUE. Pay your bills on time and they would be glad to never call you!




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