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I bought my home in 2005 with help from my mom. I was separated at the time and was looking for a new home. Thanks to problems with my spouse, my credit to say the least is totally ruined, so my mom agreed to co-sign. At the time I was told that was perfectly acceptable because I would be making the payments and that after one year, it would change to my name.

I got a repoed 72 x 32 for 58,000. I worked with them because being on my own, I wanted to make sure that I could handle the payments along with everything else. We finally settled on 15 years with my payments being 650 a month. I was good with that. My first pmt was 3/2005 and i finally got my home in May 05 - yes 2 months later. Not only that, they said i had 30 days to contact them with any problems and that they would be liable for them. Well, the first problem was that no one ever came to do the leveling which should have been done when it was first placed right? It wasn't. So now all the repainting they did has cracks all in it and I guess the repair work that was done in one of the bedrooms due to a leaking roof and bathroom is coming apart too.

About 6 months ago, my mom had a stroke and since i'm the one that takes care of her, I took a leave of absence from work because i was missing so much going back and forth to the hospital. I called the Clayton homes where I bought my place and told them that I would be late on my payment because i was going to miss a paycheck or two. They said they understood and would work with me to keep things going. I'm not trying to get away without making payments, i just wanted to let them know - they'd be late. Well, when my second month's payment came due, I was still one week away from making my 1st late payment and i got a call from Vickie A. (@ Vanderbilt) I explained what was wrong and she said that it was a personal problem and not hers and that i had 24 hours to make both payments or she would start the paperwork to take my home. I begged and pleaded with her to at least take one payment and she finally agreed to let it go since i technically still had 3 days before the 2nd pmt was late. Well it happened again like 3 months later. She called and said that she was starting the paperwork and that I had 24 hrs to pay in full. Not only that, she had already mailed a letter to my mom and said that since we were having problems that she would be willing to put our home up for sale and that all we had to do was move out! My mom was finally back at home and took a phone call from her as well. She literally yelled at my mother and told her that she didn't care about her illness and that she needed to either pay in full (again one late and one current due in like 2 days!) or else! My mother is 80 years old - this woman was an absolute viper. I had just been reinstated at work and was getting back on my feet and so much for Vanderbilt advertising that they'll work with you - they tell you that and then stab you in the back at the same time!

Meanwhile, my payments are getting higher and higher and while my 3rd year renewal is coming up, according to Vicki A, they may not renew because i was late several times too many - even though i'm now doing all right. She says that they may just ask for payment in full or sell my home! I know that I'll end up finding some other mortgage place - but i just can't get over these hateful people!

ml - brownsville, tx

Monetary Loss: $58.

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I was looking at my credit report today and I noticed vanderbilt had put 10 straight month of late payment on my credit report going back to 2005 to 2006. I always check my credit report once a year.

I never saw those adverse actions on my credit report before.

I have never been 30 days late paying my mortgage with them. I want to know if there is anything I can do for them to remove these actions off my credit report.

Abingdon, England, United Kingdom #22441

:( We are all in the same boat with this dispicable company. Been at it for 6 years now (02 as you) and Im so sick of it.

40,000 in payments has equated to LESS than 2,000 off our principle. WHAT THE ???

Northfield, Ohio, United States #7202

:( OMG !!! This is the same crazy woman I just had to speak to over the phone VICKIE ADAMS right???

I am going to call her boss ( as though it matters ) And report her sorry butt !!! I am remortgageing my home and they (she) dont like the idea that someone lives in one of their homes (witch she say are pretty much a box on wheels and the courts could take a family out of for being 30 days late on a payment !(NOT TRUE !) and can afford to refinance and quit paying them for nothing !! Google thier name and read all the bad stuff about them ! I am glad to see that it is not only me !!!

They make you feel like bad people and they need to be stoped !!!!!!! I AM PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #6391

I know the feeling. See we bought our home in 2002, I already had the land and we have had so many problems with construction of our home and they just don't care about that.

Needless to say that we own our own trucking company which consist of 1 truck and there is certain times of the year that things get extremely tuff. Now that fuel has went up so high we are having alot of problems with making ends meet and paying the bills but do they care? NO! I have heard alot of the same things that they have said to you.

But I think that the worse thing that I have every heard was when they started asking us what we spend our money on and telling us that maybe we shouldn't spend so much on fuel. Well, I am here to tell you that if we don't buy the fuel then there will be no money to pay anything. In this same conversation I was told in so many words that I should not being buying food to feed my 3 children. What kinda of company is this when there is another women (probably a mother) on the other end of the phone telling me not to feed my children?

You would think that with the economy being as bad as it is that they would do what they could to try to work with everyone to make sure that they are not the next big corporation to go out of business. I just want to know if there is anything that the Federal Government can do about this sort of thing since I am evidently a piece of white trash that lives in one of their so called wonderful homes (a trailer).

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