I bought my home in Sept. of 1999.

A few years later my loan was bought out by Vanderbilt. In Sept of 2010, I found out that I had breast cancer. I was out of work for 6 months following a double mastectomy and harsh chemo to fight my very aggressive form of BC. I am a single parent and about the same time, my son's father decides to quit paying any child support.

So here I was, I went from making good money and receiving 400.00 a month child support to nothing. I have a 5000.00 a year deductible on my health insurance also. My friends had a fundraiser for me and raised some money to help. I explained this to Vanderbilt when I was out of work trying to get them to work with me.

They said "We don't know how long you will be out of work so we cant work with you now but when you get back to work, we will be able to." ???? I'll never understand that one. But I took the money that was raised and paid my payments along with the help of some family. So about six months later, I'm able to return to work "part time" at first.

I'm a hairdresser so when I'm not at work, I make nothing. There are no sick days. Well after being out of work for so long, I lost much of the business that I spent years building.

I tried to get Vanderbilt to work with me.

I filled out loss mitigation papers but was denied. There reason was " Vanderbilt reasonably believes it could not create a monthly payment you could afford to pay without changing the terms of your loan beyond the REQUIREMENTS of its loan modification program". In other words they could but aren't required to do any more so they aren't. I have already paid over 100,000 dollars over the last 13 years.

But now that I am struggling, they are going to take my home from me. I would like to be able to stay here at least till my son gets out of school. He has 6 more years. He has behavior issues and I struggle with that as well.

I am just physically and mentally exhausted.

Vanderbilt harasses me at work and home. They are about to get me fired for all the personal calls. They have called my former friends( who I put for references), family,etc. harassing them, embarrassing me.

Its bad enough to be down in the dumps without the whole community knowing my business. Another thing that *** me off is that they will probably sell my home to someone (after they foreclose on it) for a third to half of what I owe on it. Someone who hasn't paid as thin dime on it. Why can't they make a deal with me?

It'll come back around on them. I truly believe that.

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