i have been with vanderbilt mortage for 16 yrs. i got only one week behind they threatened to put me in the monthly payment plan.

i told them i could not afford that they told me that they did not care. i was in tears with them one night they asks me personal questions on how i pay my bills and to let some of my other bills go. i told them that i could not do that. even told me to have a yard sale.

management was god awful. i am a single mother on disability i tried to tell them

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Vanderbilt will not refinance loans so if you refinance you will have to go somewhere else to do that. As far as Tasha, she is one of the rude collectors that is trained to say the things she has said. If she doesn't, well she will be without a job too...


People like you Tasha. One day something bad will happen to you and then.....only then will you understand how someone gets into a SITUATION where you cant pay our bills..It happened to me. so stfu


To the *** that wrote the statement above, why don't you try to deal with Vanderbilt. Even if you are current they will still harass you.

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