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This company is out of control, they recently increase my insurance, then told me there wasn't enough money in my escrow account to pay for it. When i asked about it they said they didn't know how much the insurance was going to be.

Which maybe would be understandable if i was with a diff insurance agency but i am insured with them. Now my escrow is in neg balance and my monthly notes has went up. Im trying to sell to get out of this mess. When i called to talk about it I got some older lady who the rudest person.

She was wondering why i hadn't made my payment which i never been over 30 days late and i'll make sure of that cause the company want to ruin people. Companies like this is why our economy is the way it is.

someone needs to take action towards them.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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This for the people who do not understand RESPA laws and escrow. You can choose any homeowners ins you want.

But by law they must make sure there is enough money in the escrow account to cover taxes and ins plus a 2month cushion in accordance with the law. SO if your taxes OR ins increase then yes by LAW your escrow will go up to meet the new amount plus the cushion required by federal real estate laws. If your taxes or ins go down then your escrow can go down. For example there was a mistake on my city tax record (city fault) and i had them come out and reappraise for tax purposes by the city.

This decreased my taxes due and then lowered by escrow due to my taxes were less. As with ANY type of ins check around with several companies and check for the best rate.


Vanderbilt and HomeFirst are both owned by Clayton Homes, and share the same office building. The rude person you spoke with was probably too ignorant to answer your insurance question and too lazy to check on it for you.

I used to work there and saw how sorry their customer service can be. Of course they know how much your insurance is. They have to have it so the system can calculate your escrow amount.

I agree with the other around and get better insurance for less money. Losing your business is the only thing that gets their attention.


I think the insurance company they purchase homeowners insurance through (HomeFirst) is a subsidiary of Vanderbilt therefore they don't care how high your premium is. The only salvation here is to purchase your own homeowners.

My premium through Vanderbilt adds and additional $185 (over $2100 per year) to my monthly mortgage payment. It increased from $1800 to $2100. I recently purchased my own coverage forr $728 per year. If you opted at the beginning of your contract to have the right to purchase your own insurance coverage and have Vanderbilt pay it out of escrow, then you can get your own policy and they will pay the premiums from your escrow.

If you didn't choose this option, you're better off securing your own homeowners. I've saved $125 per month!!!

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