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I was two and a half months late on my house payment, i have been living in my home for 14 years and have kept it in very good condition, They call me every 1st of the month and want to know when i will be sending them the house payment for the last 4 years. I calculated the mortgage amount for the last 14 years and i have more than payed them.

I have been ignoring them , i admit wrong on my part. They are very RUDE and unprofessional. They said i should ask my friends to borrow the money!!! Who operates this finance company???.

They called my elderly heighbors across the street looking for me. That means they searched on line on google earth to get the addresses and phone numbers to call them.

IS THIS LEGAL??? I will be talking with my Lawyer soon !!!

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Same thing has happened to us. The bad thing is I use to work for Clayton.

I sold many homes and closed loans for vanderbilt. This makes me sick. I would have never asked people to sign up for this. The lady who is over our loan is Natasha.

She is one low life. She speaks to my wife like she is a dog. They are trained to say these things that is so obvious. I have heard every one of these scare tactic s .

I would love to get involved in class action. Problem is the main key is that we are all late or behind on our payments. This is our fault no matter the situation. Just like ten million other Americans.

We would have to have a legal loop hole.

I am interested please contact me if someone speaks to a lawyer.


They disrespect their clients and use abusive tacticts, instead of trying to work with them, nobody that has bought a home wants to loose it.Most people work hard and take care of thier homes, times are tough and we all do the best that we can.I have read that some of the banks have actually lowered the interest to help out their customers or in some cases have extended their loans.


I paid off one single wide with them about three years ago. Then like an ***, bought a double wide financed for 25 years.

My mother passed away in August, and I have struggled to catch up since. never been 30 days late, but the past two months, have been around 20 days late. Man,you would think i have robbed a bank they way they talk to me. I try to call them to let them know its coming, it does no good.

Feel like I should just not bother to call, but then theywould start harrassing me, calling neighbors, etc., of what I am reading is true. I have got to develop a thick skin and just let them threaten, because I work in the financial industry and I know there is very little they can do at 20 days late.

By the time they would get anything done, I would be caught up. They are awful!!!


This company has called my neighbors looking for me.not applying payment s sent loosing payments to create a late condition. Here n there sending payment s back to me n not processing payments please if anyone can give me some insight please email me @ mikespl4180@gmail. Com thanks guys


I think something needs to be done!!!! These people are horrible!!

I filed a complaint with the BBB, but I am not sure what good that will do!

I have a new loan with them and since then my hours have been cut back, I have asked them for a little help until we get caught up and now they are threating to default on my house? These people need to be STOPPED


let me know also and email the info


I think all of us who have mortgages with this company should do a class action lawsuit against them, because what they're charging us these high APR/Interest rates is totally wrong. I say, "Class Action Lawsuit". Are you with me?


I hate them all!!! :(


Oh, Don't get me started...These people really need a rude awaking! My husband lost his job and im only 7 days late!

The harassing, rude phone calls begun on the 1st! They will not work with you and tell you how much money you've had and that you were able to pay, and question you why you haven't...Well hello, we have other bills and Have to feed our kids!

But they don't care. They gave me till today to pay my Morgage or else...I'm not even 30 days late.....what can I do????


Eddie Hamptons wife, They have done the same to us also, I cant belive how they talk to people its totally unprofessional. Im on disability and they told me to get a job while my husband recovered from his knee surgery.

The call us everything under the sun that wasnt nice and made us feel like sh*t we really got to the point that do we really want to be stuck with these people for 30 years.

But now our credit is so bad we have a hard time even renting an apt. If anyone knows the link to get on the Vanderbilt class action lawsuit to sign up please email me at


I would like to know about this too. I posted a complaint on here and then found all these other complaints.

I am sick of this company. They are terrible. they actually sent thugs to my home because I was 60 days late. This is absurd.

They harass my family, my neighbors and most especially me.

When they call they keep me on the phone for up to 2 hours. They claim they are trying to help you but they are really just trying to harass you until you would sell a kidney just to get them off your back.


Hello my name is Kassandra... they did the same thing to me.....let me know what your lawyer says and you can email me

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