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My mom is actually the homeowner she had payed her home off but took out a loan to fix it up she had another mortgage but Vanderbilt purchased all of the company's loan and unfortunate my mom had now become a customer of vmf. My mom had a full time job and a part time job but with the economy she was let go from the part time job.

As for her full time job she works 10 months out of the year and she hasn't gotten a raised in 8 years and also she has taken 2 pay cuts. We contacted Vanderbilt to seek some type of assistance in March because we knew there would be no income in the Summer months (JUNE JULY and AUGUST) the rep from vmf told us not to worry about the Summer we should worry about now. Now we are in the summer months they are saying its nothing they can do and they have sent our loan to the legal department to start foreclosure. They are extremely rude, they yell at you, and they don't want to help at all.

I am willing to contact whomever so we can contact other clients and start the class action law suit. It is imperative that we do something. I even went to NACA for some assistance, but for some strange reason Vanderbilt claims that they haven't received anything from NACA; I know they are lying. Please Please Please contact me so we can start something.

My email address is******* PRETTYMOOCHIE@GMAIL.COM ******* We are not experiencing them and their nasty reps alone and we dont have to take them down alone! :-)

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