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Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.use Bullying tactics in order to get somewhere and it actually hurts their company and instead of helping it.

I think generally everyone wants to pay their bills on time. But when you offer Vanderbilt solution after solution and they refuse well then why do they state they will work with you especially if you get laid off or behind. In my case specifically I have paid all my payments for 12 years equaling $51,264.00 and have approximately 4 more years to pay on a mobile home originally priced at $32,000.00. I will have paid Vanderbilt $68,352.00 for a mobile home that will not be worth $10,000.00 when I am done paying for it.

Do you think it's right for Vanderbilt to send people to my house to take pictures and call me 15 times a day just because I get a payment behind? Do you think it's okay for them to refuse a solution that I can do. Do you think it's cool for them to call your child, who is a minor, on their cell phone and ask your kid if they know anything about your house payment? I just talked to a very rude person named Patricia who works at Vanderbilt and she did not listen to a word I said and she hung up on me twice.

What kind of behavior is that? I've also in the past had someone from Vanderbilt call my job and ask other employees about my house payment. I've worked hard all my life and always try to do the right thing. If Vanderbilt would treat their customers nicer they probably wouldn't go out of business.

But I have a funny feeling they will go out of business. It's not a house so mobile home buyers can not do the refinance Obama has out. A 12% interest rate loan to someone who was 19 years old at the time and I can not refinance, Vanderbilt refuses. Tell me who is greedy.

I just wanted five more days to get caught up, I didn't think that would be such a big deal considering I've paid them over 50 grand already. Do you think it's a big deal?

I pray someone someday makes a home that lower income families can buy that appreciate.

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Do what you can to refinance this.12% is ridiculous.

If they don't accept an offer to tender, there are legal consequences. I suggest hfamerica...

they've always been good to me.

If it comes down to it, stop paying and pay your mortgage payment to a good lawyer.Good laywers are worth EVERY penny.


To Brian: do you have a life or is all you can do is make a comment on every single one of these complaints and comments?Were you not loved by your mother or family, for you don't show any compassion, things happen to people and understanding is needed and a little help goes along way, especially when a buisness works with you, or are you a Vandy employee with nothing to do but read these complaints and not work?

I did talk to a supervisor when John threatened to take my home and he did work with me but the employees aren't a god and shouldn't act like one so they can do whatever they want or say whatever they want.Get a life Brian.


Hummmm really show the type of person they are and the class.GROW UP.

I said nothing about releasing info to 3rd party.

But yes they have all legal right in accordance with the 2006 FDCPA law to call neighbors, family, friends to leave a message with their name and number for you to call them.I bet you think your all big comming on here and threating people, but will not be so big when the police come out and evict you and your name is in the newspapaper ( is legal by the way) for being in default and that they are foreclosing on your home!!


You do not have the right to contact anybody who is not a reference and discuss financial matters with them...that is against the law....what if I called Brian B's neighbors and we discussed the size of his small ***...hummm...that wouldn't fly well....would it....We have rights....If anyone calls anyone not on a reference list of mine and discusses my personal financial matters that *** will be sued along with the company that hired him....don't believe me...try it...


For leigh, it is simple for you to understand. If you do not have by 5pm then it will be in default as this is the end of the month and you will be sent notice of default and will be recorded on your credit. Pay your bills ON TIME and they will not call you.

to brian #779957

Brian, if you still answer questions on here, I'd like to know, once you pay you payment you are behind on and then pay all you other payments on time, are you again in good standing with the company?The reason I am asking is that I am behind 29 days and I plan to pay Jan and Feb payments within the next 5 days.

Catching me up on my loan. They told me today I am in "default" and when I asked him what that means, he wouldn't tell me what that meant. He demanded I pay the Jan payment no later than the 31st and of course I understand what he was saying. But I told him honestly I would only have $415 dollars on the 31st which I agreed to Western Union, and then asked if I could send the rest of the payment on the 3rd with my regular payment and he said 'no'.

I just don't understand if I am making an effort to catch up when I'm not 30 days late yet, why are they not letting me do it.

I'm not trying to scam anyone and I take full responsibility for my lateness...but I'm trying to make good on it.Hope you see this and can answer it for me.


i think its ashame when you are behind on your mobile home payment, and you talk to an associate from vanderbilt mortgage by the name of Brent B, telling him what you can do to get caught up and he demands payment immediately by 5pm.the associate told me and i quote,"if you dont have the payment in by 5pm.....

Well needless to say he stopped in the middle of his sentence.

was it due to the fact that the conversation was possibly being recorded and he new he could get into trouble for communicating threats?I do think that any associate needs to remember that the situation that the customer is in could easily be them 1 you dont talk any kind of way to someone without the tables could possibly turn on you !


and i am *** sure thier is no one that is goig to pay 675.00 a month to walk to thier home and they would not try and help us on our road or notta even though it was in the deal so now *** what that was in the contract to fix a siutable driveway


Brian it really sounds like to me you are the type of person that has had every thing handed to you have you ever worked a day in youre life because in the real world most people have to work for what they get and some times life throws you obstacles such as a death or and a divorce in my case it was both in 2 months time i talked to the mortgage many times tring to talk and work with them and it was just impossible to talk to the rude *** mother *** when i could have paid 4 things.not only that it took them over a year to set our home up it was one excuss after another and they made a driveway to the mobile home that 90 percent of vehicles couldnt and still cant get up and through the driveway and if its rainny 4x4's cant even get to it we had pure *** out of this *** up company for about two years now when the only reason i payed as long as i did was so i wouldnt loss my land my dad gave me it was a pure shame we had a nice home and family or friends couldnt even come visit or see our home because they couldnt get to it for such an awfull so called drive-way they made for us.

We had two babies that had to walk home if it just sprinkled the rain i mean up and through a god awfull drive-way.

they wanna act like they can help well they dont they help make life *** and yeah they might have the right to call family to leave a call back message but not to discuss your buissness with any other person oh and buy the way they now call theirselves oakwood holmes...

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