Santa Claus, Indiana
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We're late on our payment & they call our NEIGHBORS & leave our account # & name, trying to get them to have us call back. The only way they could have gotten their #'s is by looking them up online, I assume just by searching for our road name & calling everyone near us.

Our neighbors are mad at us that they keep calling, but there's nothing we can do to stop them. Isn't this a breach of confidentiality? I mean, they're harrassing our neighbors as much as they are us. We don't have the $$ to pay right now, or we'd call them back!

They finally stopped calling my mom because I told her to tell them we didn't live there, she didn't owe them & if they called her again she'd seek legal action for harrassment.

Is there anything we can do about this? Anyone else have this kind of experience? On top of this, the double-wide we are paying for is a piece of $h!t!! It's got soooo many problems.

We'd have been so much better off building ourselves, but were in a hurry to get into a home.

SE Homes have extremely poor quality products!

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Sayner, Wisconsin, United States #72569

I am also having a problem with Vanderbuilt contacting my neighbors. They have also contacted everyone in the phone book with the same last name(my inlaws)!

I am only 15 days late! Not only is this embarassing and frustrating but it really makes me want to take my business elsewhere.

Their representatives are extremely rude and even caused me to have an anxiety attack on the phone once. I am not the type to raise my voice and often hang up before it gets to that point.:(


This ****h must work for them. Get yo som *****g busines.

Vanderbuilt is a ripp off, they kept harrassing me because they said i owed late fees of over $500.00. I ended up filing for bankruptcy to keep the home but they still tried to forclose anyway stating that they did'nt receive any paper work from my lawyer. In the end they got just what they diserved. The mobilehome mysteriously burned to the ground :grin :p .

Electrical problems?????? Who knows.


I had a problem with them calling neighbors also, according to the Federal Trade Commision laws, they are only allowed to call once! Not tell anything not account #'s or that they are calling to collect a debt.

They are only allowed to verify your address and phone with them. If they call more than once or give any information or try to embarrass you. You can sue them for up to10,000. You can call them and tell them to not call anyone about your debt and to stop calling you and if they don't again they can get in trouble.

I called and talked to the FTC about them calling my neighbor. It is under the fair credit law

Riverton, Kansas, United States #26270

Send them a certified letter, per FTC regs, stating they are NOT to call anyone concerning the account. They can be fined up to $10K for not following the FTC guidelines for collections.

Churchtown, England, United Kingdom #23979

I totally agree. Vanderbilt sucks.

We were in the same situation.

They are calling our neighbors trying to track us down because we are 1 payment behind. I think that is completly out of control.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #21046

Vandy can call your neighbors if they cannot get in touch with you, but if call them and advise that you no longer wish to be contacted by phone they will place a do not call on your account. It is best to send a letter for the do not call to be placed, but a phone call will suffice.

Depending on the delinquency of your account it is better to contact your account representative before you are issued a "Notice of Default" followed by a "Notice of Acceleration". Once you receive these the representative is preparing to send your account to the legal department for foreclosure, but if you call before this happens then perhaps some kind of arrangement can be worked out. With the market going the way it is now the collection managers are being somewhat lenient on making arrangements. Ask your representative if you qualify for an extension on the loan.

I know the collector may seem heartless, but you have to realize their job is based on the money they collect on delinquent accounts.

If they seem to be out of line ask to speak to a manager, but it is best to remain calm during the conversation and just explain your situation. If you call in screaming and cussing you will get no where.

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