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I just got a disturbing call from my neighbor. He said, Vanderbilt called and told him to tell me to call immediately, my home payment was past due.

They found his number on google. I never gave him as a contact. I was really mad about this. I called an attorney.

It's illegal. I started checking into other things. I found out all these years they have been charging me 11.11% interest. My contract reads 10.45%.

I don't know how much that means for the past 11 years, but I'm about to find out. I also will never pay my payment on time again. I have joined others in paying my payment on the 29th of every month.

They can't do anything. Please everyone, check on your interest rates and your contract interest rates.

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Vanderbilt is the mortgage co. that took over our mortgage when Oakwood went belly up.

We recently got a letter, Notice of Demand for Payment in Full of Your Account in the mail, telling us we defaulted on our payment agreement and that we have to pay over 50 thousand dollars, to keep our manufactured home. We are actually two and a half months behind in our payments. We were given less than two weeks to pay. If we do not pay, they will evict us.

We do not have this kind of money. Vanderbilt said they had already sent us the notice of default and right to cure default, of which we never received. Unless we pay this huge amount of money immediately, they may recover and resell our home. Can they do this, even though we never received the notice of default and right to cure default notice?

Also, if they can, how long would they give us to vacate our home. We do not own the land our home is on.


Can anybody please tell me how I can file a class action lawsuit or get in on on against vanderbilt mortgage?


Lws, first contact your insurance, then call an attorney. You would be shocked of how quickly they will sign and return that check when threatend with theft by taking.


Wait until you have an insurance claim! You send them the check from your claim to be endorsed ...they keep the check!

They say it must be approved, and told me I must get a statement from the supply store where I'll be buying the materials to repair the mobile home. What a ripoff!! It's been 2 months now and I still can't make repairs.

Just sign the insurance check and send it back to me Vanderbilt!!! THAT is not your money!!!


For trish, your contract states (as almost ALL mortgage co have) that your ins will be escrowed. What is your complaint?

You have your own ins, escrow does not cost a penny EXTRA, they just take part of your payment to keep in account to pay it for your at no COST!! Also your interest rate may 10.45% and your apr is 11.11% (seeing that is such a weird number i would bet on this) Interest rate and APR are 2 different things. Learn how mortgage and the laws of RESPA work before complaining on here. As for calling your neighbors, is 100% legal and done by all collection co if they can not reach you because you ignore their calls.

They have the legal right to call neighbors, relatives, friends and coworkers to get a message to you by leaving their name and number.

Most people have caller ID and know who they are and would only be one reason they are calling you, you failed to pay per the contract. Also by not paying as agreed and paying late each month they can choose to accelerate the full balance by you defaulting the loan.

Gulf, North Carolina, United States #293137

If there is anyone willing to file a "class action" lawsuit I am in. This company needs to be exposed for their overcharging and lack of knowledge of the employees!


People please check your sales papers i just looked at my mom's and it states. her home was.

27,988. at 13%. the finance charge is 53,896. and her total pay-off is 81,884.

Oh My God I could Die right now.


i talked to them about the interest also, and got no where, going to see a lawyer, in few days. just wanted payments set back to the betsy loan, that that said could do at anytime, and they wont honor all out there to not do the betsy loan or any other loans with them, they will not work with you if you got laid off work and just need payments lowered for a while.or go back to the plan that was set up at time of purchace.


Hey, this extra interest rate is on top of the insurance. They almost doubled my insurance 3 years ago.

They told me I had to keep their insurance. I showed them. I got mine own.

I still have to do the escrow, but my new insurance company just bills them. I wish their would be a class action lawsuit too.

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