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My husband and I are now added to the list of everyone that has posted here against Vanderbilt. I'm not going to use up the few words allowed by explaining how they are and how they treat all of us.

I am putting this out here so that if anyone wants to join me, and if I can get enough people to back it, I am going to contact and attorney and for one...file a class action on all that want to join. And, I have made a specific email for this purpose. If anyone wants to join me, please send me your details and what state you are in. I will also file complaints on them through the Attorney General of each state.

Only send what you feel comfortable in sending. I promise with everything in my being that I am not trying to scam people. I am just sick of reading the same stuff over and over about this company...personally I call it a scam...and I want them stopped. I can't do that alone.

As of 5 yesterday, we have lost our home. They will wish that they had never crossed the line with me. I don't play games. Email to: vmfcomplaints@gmail.com.

I truly hope I can get some of you to back me up on this. They have to be stopped...

Terri O'Neal

Monetary Loss: $88.

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I would like to be apart of this class action..against Vanderbilt Mortgage. Email: Renaturner02@gmail.com


I would like to be added to the class action, my email address is ricorobertson9@gmail.com Thx


I am having issues also I put up $52,000 of land for a $30,000 home, they call over and over and Friday night the air/furnace caught on fire.


Please add us to the lawsuit. .

We lost our home 2 weeks ago to these scumbags.

Wouldnt accect my money because i was behind. Had lost mt job because i got hurt.


They are the worst company we evet dealt with. I was hurt on my job and eas out of work for 10 months paying minimal payments.

They said they wouldnt accept that and wanted full payments. We couldn't do that.

So 2 weeks ago we lost our home. Scumbags


we r interested in the lawsuit Vanderbilt took our house we got from clayton which was unsafe for a child and the nothing holding my roof on after we had to replace that. now they r taking our taxes and have been since 2010 but will not tell us what it sold for and whats owed against it they keep sending us our contract terrible companies and do not care my email is jo.davis04@yahoo.com


I would like to join in on any class action lawsuit concerning Vanderbilt Mortgage.


Me agree with you all we were caught we the mortatage. They kick my son out in 2009 .

Then i gave back in 2009 and they put a repossession us.

In 2016 they wanted e transform title . Paid up the Taxes


I agree I think something should be done


Rebecca lonske she is very rude and mean she don't know how to talk to people. I hope I don't never have to stalk to her again.

She be having a nasty attitude towards the consumer when they are late on their house note.

She act like she never been in nobody shoes being late on your house payment. I just never refer friend and family to this company.

to Anonymous #1430811

I agree with you very much. All they care about is money and down grade you. Hope when they get in a pinch hope someone lets them see how it feels.


Vanderbilt mortgage isn't no company I won't reference someone to.


Vanderbuilt mortgage is very rude and mean. They have no understanding.

to Anonymous #1412820

Boy how I know

Buffalo, New York, United States #1356938

add me to from mississippi kellymlt@yahoo.com


Clayton Homes moved our other (older) double wide trailer off our property for a newer trailer from them, a couple days after pulling our older trailer off onto our vacant property kiddy corner from us Clayton Homes called my husband and l wanting the serial #'s off the two halves of our older trailer l told them that l only had 1# and "NO" number for the second part of trailer.... because of expense ( wanting to use our older trailer as a rental and then couldn't afford to bring it to code by a certain time) my husband and l called Clayton Homes to come take the trailer (2 halves one with serial # and one without serial #) they sat on Clayton Homes sales lot for nearly 2 years and then moved from Palatka Fl to Ocala Fl.

where it is now used as another one of their office's. My husband and l didn't qualify for financing but qualified with Vanderbilt. We really regret buying this new trailer because come the first of the month calls start rolling in calling my husband and l in the USA and my mother in Canada. I have been harassed, belittled, and shredded , tore up one side of me to the other, ridiculed to while l was trying to make a mortgage payment l started crying hysterically that went on for about 20 minutes I hung up and about an hour later I called back and told them I was trying to make a payment I explained to the second lady how I was treated and I just wanted to make a mortgage payment and that's all I wanted to do.On my cell phone under contacts I have Vanderbilt listed as house buttholes and vow to never answer my phone.

To this day we are still harassed and it never ends.G. Stradling at e-mail mstradling19@gmail.com

Palatka, Florida, United States #1343138

My husband and l are all in. They call every month at least 5 times or more a month my husband's phone my phone (USA) and my mother's phone who lives in Canada.

Every call is a harassment call. I'd love to stop these harassment calls. There's been times they have had me in tears and that's when l was calling in about making a payment over the phone, this lady had me crying hysterically to a point where I didn't even give the lady my payment information I hung up on her and then after 20 minutes I called back another lady was giving me a difficult time I was finally able to give my account information and vowed I would never call again.

On my cell phone under contacts I have them listed as "house buttholes" so as not to answer the phone. This company needs to be stopped for harassment and belittling everyone and anyone.Gerald and Michelle Stradling3508 Bainbridge RdPalatka, Fl 32177

Spartanburg County, South Carolina, United States #1319949

ok we lost our home too in 2013 because they wouldnt

work with us with our payments or do a remorgage plan with us. thanks mrs tanner

please add us to the lawsuit address is MR & MRS KEN &BARBARA TANNER P.O.BOX 153 PAULINE S.C. 29374

Madisonville, Kentucky, United States #1273551

Vanderbuilt will rip u off you pay off and they turn it in as a charge off ruining your credit

Kingston, Tennessee, United States #1227574

I have put my email here not once but twice. I have emailed the one that was left in the comment above and I have yet to hear anything, receive an email nor so much as a notification.

Was this just a rant or was it serious? Reason I ask is I have yet to hear anything from the email I messaged that was given in the initial complaint and no comments on this. Was someone just blowing hot air or were they serious? I have received NOTHING!

If this Terry O'Neil was true to his word we should have at least gotten some kind of answer, whether they truly were going to do something, it's not hard to type a few letters saying we are going forward with this or we give up. Which is it?

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