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This company has to be the worst mortgage company out there. I have had three representatives over the past 7 years and they all seem to enjoy instigating and threatening their customers.

The first 5 years we paid on time, never late. With the economy we were reduced to one income, then we lost that income and were receiving unemployment for 6 months. During that time this company called almost daily. They say they want to help but they offer no assistance.

They will not delay a payment or postpone a payment to the end of the note. They insist that your mortgage is more important than feeding your family or paying your car payment (that gets you to your job) They make idle threats and insinuate that they will foreclose on you if you are more than 30 days late. I have been told several times by one employee that I should pay my mortgage instead of paying my electric or buying groceries. (I have two children).

They seem to believe that anyone who does not pay on time is blowing their money and irresponsible. Comments such as "payment HAS to be in by ____ date, there is no other way around it" they repeat similar statements as if to say they will kick you out of your home if you don't pay. I was 60 days behind and they actually sent thugs to my home to take pictures. The woman came to my door with a phone in hand demanding I speak to vanderbilt.

(I have talked to these people until I am blue in the face) I told the woman that my autistic daughter has therapy in 5 minutes and they had to leave before her therapist arrived. She walked out to the car where I saw a very large bald man with a cut off sleeve tee-shirt and covered in tattoos. He was proped on the hood of the car scowling at me. I went inside and shut the door.

When I looked out the window this man was walking around my property taking pictures of my car, my tag, my house, my backyard, the kids toys, everything. I was afraid to even walk outside. These people are freaks and this company is shameful for employing and actually paying these idiots. I am so stressed out from this company I am almost ready to tell them to come and get the *** house.

If it weren't for the fact that I have already paid $30 K and it would ruin my credit, I would. TERRIBLE company and terrible employees.

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Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States #666761

I am not even late with my mortgage, yet my mortgage company sent a guy to my house to find out if I lived here and to take pictures! They hired some "protective services" company to come to my house, bang on the door like police to find out if I live at my own home and take pictures!!

Its not their business who lives in MY house!

Surely this can not be legal, right? My mortgage is not with is with Huntington Mtg.


The comments above are just like what I have lived thru, I purchased this mobile home in 1998, and financed it for 15 years, at first it was showing 18 years on their computer, but on our contract it shows 15 years. Now the payments and the payment do not jive at all....

14 more months to go at $538.88 per month and the balance is $16,777 the math is not correct here? Sure it will be *** getting this paid off! Vanderbilt should not get away with harrassing customers. People just send in your payment, what the *** can they do, don't move out of your homes, they bluff, they bully and they harrass to no end!

I think I wil file a formal complaint against them and print off ALL the complaints that others have left about this company as well... I am beyond upset this afternoon - they sent someone out to our house to take photo's, I rent it and we built a house, so our renters are wondering what is going on... It's degrading for customers, and Vanderbilt enjoys bullying all of their customers.

I wish someone would file a class action lawsuit. If I knew how to go about that I would petition it for all of us who suffer the abuse of Vanderbilt Mortgage!


Our issues started the day we closed on our house!!! I asked about the Disability and Death ins on the mortgage...

the attorney at our closing REFUSED to sell it to us! He claimed that with me only being 31 and my husband only being 29, we did NOT need it...

well long story short, the following year my husband became totally disabled due to a head injury at work, although, we would not have been able to use the ins until 3 yrs later, when Social Security deemed him TOTALLY disabled, but at least it would be paid for now and we wouldn't be in the middle of an uncalled for foreclosure! There has to be SOMETHING someone, some where can do about these people!!!


I truly feel for anyone that has a mortgage with Vanderbilt. I will papers on let you into a little secret I found out.

If your mortgage was first with Oakwood and Vanderbilt took over then get you a lawyer because they the same company and Vanderbilt do not have any papers on your home and the title was never transfer to them.

My husband is in a lawsuit with them as we speak for that very reason. Tell everybody you know to have a lawyer request proof they brought the contact from Oakwood and you will never get any.


I can relate. We got our trailer before the economy went down hill and since then they call to see when I'm making my payment, when was my payment sent and it better be there by such and such date...I'm like really?!!!

They harass if you're on time and they harass if I'm late. They called me yesterday and asked when I would get my payment in when I told Mike he put me on hold and went and got a manager named Mike. The manager informed me that I had been late alot and if I didn't start paying my bill on the first of every month they would file for accelerated foreclosure! Now I'm really upset because I was told by a On Track Representative (non-profit organization that help people keep their homes) that as long as paid my mortgage before 45 days then there was nothing they could to do but according to Vanderbilt they can and do as they please.

When we got the loan they said we could refinance after 18 months...LIE. They say they will work with their customers...LIE. These are very rude, obnoxious and arrogrant!!! They treat their customers like ***.

They told me to borrow money to make my payments I told them then I have to pay it back and I'm further in the hole. They don't care if the children have food or if they have power they just want their payment and they don't care what anyone has to go without to get it. I wish some lawyer would start a class action suit...I'd give my testimony just like I'm sure alot more people would to. I know I have to make the payments, that was a given but when a person gets behind for the most part it isn't that they just don't want to pay.

I had my father, 2 sisters and a mom to die within 3 years. Then I get one of my sisters children to take care of and then Vanderbilt thinks they can make a judgement on me and where my money goes???!!!!!

Is there anyone willing to help? If so please let me know.

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