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I received a call from a representative named "Shawn" who didn't say "Please call Vanderbilt"; he said, "I EXPECT you to call Vanderbilt Mortgage." He called 10 minutes later and asked for me. He asked me why my payment was late.

I told him I would send it out at the end of the week. He demanded to know why it wasn't in on the 1st. I said I had other things to take care of. He demanded to know what I had to pay before the mortgage and I said it was none of his business, and I told him that I had already called and left a note with someone else saying when it would be paid.

He started yelling at me, and then he put someone else on, who said, "Your mortgage is due on the 1st, not after. We don't give grace periods." Which is funny, because I've always paid between the 1st and the 10th without any problems from them. I told them that if I was past the 15th, there'd be a late charge. She said, "Just because we don't charge a late fee until then doesn't mean there's a grace period." She started to threaten me with, "You'd better have it in by the 1st of the month from now on or else." She was so rude and loud that I had to hang up on her.

I called back immediately and asked for her supervisor. I told the supervisor that no one has the right to talk to me the way "Shawn" and this woman did.

I don't know if they thought I was going to meekly give in to that kind of abuse, but if they did, they were sadly mistaken.

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Baldwyn, Mississippi, United States #640506

They have done me the same way! It is awful the way they treat people and seem to get by with it. All of them seem to be bullies!!!


This Mortgage company is the worst in the world.My husband had a contract Oakwood and they brought it, but no proof of that was ever produced. Any way they were a nightmare, several calls a day at home and work.Froze his account several times.

Even had the nervers to try and talk down to me. I told them that I was the wrong one to try like that because I had to reason to resepect them and did not owe them a dam penny.


Look vm.I wishi could b on time every time times r tough I think I havehave it figured out the closer I get to paying off the worse u people get I think u want home back to resale because u can sell it for more then we owe.where I live no one is buying.I have tried to sell it for what I owe which is 10000.know one wants uti don't know if I can give it away I am current but if u want it that bad come get it. :x :sigh


Oh, we will be. 8)


I have taken abuse from Vanderbilt Mortgage for 2 years now. I have been screamed at by them and told that feeding my three children is not more important than paying my mortgage on time!

I think we should all ban together and do something about this abuse.

I recommend that everyone file a complaint with their state attorney generals office. The abuse needs to stop!

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