I'm a construction company which repaired a broke water pipe and water damage in a M/H.The work was completed at the end of March I've been trying to get paid since,I would bill the full amount they would send a percentage of the invoice, this has been going on for 3 months.

I paid for materials and labor to do this job and 3 months later I'm still trying to get paid in full.

I call in and they have a don't care attitude and some have hung up on me.contractors beware of this company your funds will be tied up for Months.

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I am just so tired of Vanderbilt Mortgage - customer service is horrible..

. My mom orginally took out the loan for this mobile home and when she passed away it was left in my name so I am the one now to deal with them. .

.they told me they dont do equity or refinancing what is the deal?


I'm just curious...if this company is so awful, why on earth is it not out of business?I have also had a bad experience in which I told them to **** themselves and come get my home and I will never do business with them again.

They did come and got it but only sold it for $5000 lmao since i ripped a wall out to build another bedroom.This company should sale out and stay at home.

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