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My daughter has had a mortgage with Vanderbilt for years and now has been put on bedrest until her baby is born. My granddaughter is due Dec 3.

She is a single mom. She has no income now until she goes back to work after the baby is born. She has explained to them the situation and they won't do anything to help her. This is Oct 20 and she is only behind this months payment and they are already threatening her with "further action".

This is uncalled for treatment. Is their payment really worth her disregarding the doctors orders, going to work and take a chance on hers and the babys life?

Do people have no compassion in a temporary situation. Trust me I will never recommend Vanderbilt to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Greenville, Georgia, United States #712500

HAHA ok Brian does work for VMF, but either way I think if Brian feels obligated to give financial advise and call people out on their flaws instead of supporting them or giving GOOD advice, then he should be obligated to give his first and last name..- I can take care of the rest... PRICE TAG little Brian .. Price Tag ON THAT HEAD!


I guess I need to get my mortgage with vanderbilt that way I can skip 4 months of payments also. I did not insult any one just stated the facts.

When i come on here and reply you show your nasty character and start insulting me and making accusations. I hate that anybody is having a hard time. But the simple thing is that you are still responsible for your bills and must pay them.

Just like your electric each month, dont pay them and see what happens. Or if you were renting an apt, its all the same thing.

to Brian Greenville, Georgia, United States #712495

@BRIAN , Bro You are a piece of SH** Employee that just works for Vanderbilt presumably. I've been going through all these reviews that are based off "The Facts" as you say.

Well the Facts are this country is built off courtesy for the small guy, Built with American companies that show compassion for "The People". Honestly with companies like this are just as good as the POS Government we have running this Country. I Think Brian is one of those people calling you and saying "you need to pay today, seriously this has gone too far" -hahaha ok mother fu**** whatever. You mentioned its similar to paying your electric bill each month?

well in that sense and we do pay then you ***HOLES say "Oh you can pay other bills but not us" -Yeah its called a deferment plan you should honor half the BS you sell on your website ("Ask about our deferment plan" - why so we can get evicted before even getting the loan...pshhh rookies. VMF is just a sub prime company that wishes they could afford to be a big player like the rest in this country. Obviously VMF is in a hardship for some reason after price gouging consumers, yeah you did mention contracts in some of your comments but most of the people that sign up with VMF are hard working americans that really dont have time to know how finance works but this is not finance this is obviously a way of cheating the system as a fraud or scam. VMF is just as good as the other places like Western Sky financial that will give you a loan with 200 percent interest...

Consumers if you are reading this please know that I am a fellow FU**** Consumer but honestly Foreclosure isnt as frowned upon as you think, seriously talk to a bankruptcy lawyer or take the repo on your credit but you will be able to get out of this, Dont waste your life to this company... Quit shedding years off your life and go rent you a nice town home, apartment, house or whatever while you got the chance, presumably you have a window to take action before the bureau is hit with this but make sure you pick a place that you do not mind staying in for about 7 years until your credit is right.In all honesty they give me those calls on a daily basis harassing me and telling me to go sell my mother to make a one time payment lol but you'll get use to it. They honestly break the law with half the questions they ask so if you are a smart consumer get a good application on your phone to record the way they talk to you and sue the sh** out of them. They even send people to your home to "talk" with you but they give you a rinky *** pre-paid phone with a Vanderbilt rep on it to talk to you about your account, They do not work for VANDRBILT People they are just contractor punks that are eventually be going back to VMF in a box if they catch the wrong consumer on the wrong day and in all honesty I would mind *** on that box and burning the sh**.

You Consumers have hope just know that. stay 6 months mortgage free and save up first and last months rent on a nicer place move straight in over night and make sure you start over on good affordable terms... *** YEAH FU**IN RIGHT!!!

GOOD LUCK VMF ... Rookies :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


Brian, you continue to insult people on here and you are showing your character. As I stated to you before my daughter wasn't trying to get out of paying anything!

She wanted an extension until she went back the first of the year and she got it. Vanderbilt DID work with her unlike you would. Who do you work for? How any company can continue with someone like you handling customers is beyond me.

I hope my mortgage isn't with whoever you work for. You are without a doubt the rudest, coldest excuse for a person I have ever seen. I pray that nothing happens to you one day and you need help. But if it does maybe you will understand how it feels to need help.

Not everyone in this world is perfect in every aspect of their life like you.

Lala - they did help my daughter so I can't say anything against them other than the fact it took a while. Good luck with them in the future.


For lala, another person who can not read. For the last time.

I DO NOT work for vanderbilt. I work for a national finance co that does personal loan and refi mortgages. Grow up people.

You have nothing better to do then come on here and make up lies. Shows what type of person you really are.


Brian works for Vanderbilt Mortgage. They are ruthless, pathetic and unfortunate people. After my mortgage is finished with them I will thank the Lord.


Wow a temp thing, can i borrow 40000 from you and not pay your for 4 months, or rent your home from you for 4 months for free. That is what she wanted!! Your the one on here with the nasty comments and calling other peoples names, you show exactly what character you have and who the a$$ is!!


Well as usual Brian you look like an ***! How cold can a person be.

For your information they have decided to work with her. They have delayed her payments to the end of her loan. Obviously they have shown a more human side than you! And thank you to the person who stuck up for us!

Don't know who you are to personally thank you but it is nice to know SOMEBODY thinks more of health than money. Especially when it is such a TEMPORARY thing.


How *** can you people be. I do not work or even live where vanderbilt mortgage is. I work for a national finance to that does personal and mortgage loans and has noting to do with vanderbilt or clayton.

Also you have already said she is past due and can not pay till jan. will be 4 months past due!!! Also the father has nothing to do with this topic. He is not responsible for any payment till child is born. It is not his job to pay her mortgage!! If she has no money how is she getting food, paying electric or any other bills??? Your mortgage should be first priority!!

If you were renting an apartment do you think they would let you go 4 months past due, or your electric, they would shut it off after a month. Why would this be any different.

As for obama plan. She has no income for them to adjust the mortgage to and such no modification plan would be approved since she can not prove that she has income to pay any payment. Where i work by 60 days would be going to foreclosure department. If you not going to pay then just as an apartment you are not going to stay there. You said in you other post that she has a great job to go back to, do they not offer short term disability then if such a good job. Also is she going to be able to pay 4 months past due mortgage plus any att fees when she goes back to work in Jan??


here we go again on the other page you said you do,nt work for vanderbilt like i said you lie to much belive me this guy make big bucks telling lies to people its a shame the way you treat people money over health what a shame brian i guess if that was your wife you do her the same way


I would just like to say to Brian and Annon - you have no idea what her situation is! The father has turned out to be a dead beat dad as a lot are.

Not her fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is on birth control as if it is any of your business. She also has toxemia. She is only asking for a temporary extension and a little compassion for the duration of this.

She has all intentions of paying it just needs a small extension. Where are all these great programs Obama promised? You both are a couple of arrogant know it all's that helped put our country in the situation it is in. If all fathers would accept the fact you play you may have to pay then this type situation wouldn't happen.

You aren't exempt from something like this happening to you so watch out. Then maybe you will understand. Karma is a ***!

And I firmly believes what goes around comes around. I hope you both get yours!


So does this mean people who can not work should not have to meet their obligations and pay their bills? This is her home.

If you were renting an apartment it would be the same thing and you would be kicked out. I hate that she is in that situation but, she is still due and will not even have baby till december then back to work when? Will at least be due for oct, nov, and dec then and be in default for foreclosure.

What do you expect them to do? No mortgage co is going to tell you its ok not to pay for 3 months!!


Can't help this one, but word to the wise. If you don't have a reliable working husband and you decide to get pregnant, make sure that you have enough money saved and plans in place BEFORE you get pregnant.

If you are not financially secure to be on bedrest for a few months without losing your house, you probably should buy condoms, get on the pill, get the morning after pill, all alot cheaper then all the problems this poor person and her unborn child are going to have to endure. I am praying for a miracle for you.

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