I have a mortgage with Vanderbilt and it's a love hate relationship.I am financed on 20 years but the loan pays off in 15 and 1/2.I have 4 years left on my loan YEAH!!They have some employees I would talk to any time any where and their are some that are so rude.I understand if you are late and that employee can get you to make your payment when they want it they get a bonus.That's great I have no problem with that.But they also need to be honest with their customers.In the years I have had the loan I have fell behind a few times on my payments due to this and that and that's my fault,I accept that.My thing is when you talk to Vanderbilt and you give them a day you will pay by they refuse to wait,I am talking a week or less wait.That's their right not to wait I get that but here is the issue they refuse to give that week but then send a registered letter demanding the payments to be in by a date that is well past the date I told them I would pay by.That makes no sense to me.If I say I will be caught completely up by say the 15th and they say no then they send me a registered letter telling me I have to the 4th of the following month to pay.Whats the point if they can give me extra time by sending a letter why not do that on the phone especially when I was paying before the date you gave me.

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Thanks Bryan,I think it would be easier to just give me the time on the phone if they are ok with the 15th say so but I understand more now.


The point of the letter is they are ok with the 15th but it covers them if you do not pay that they have sent the legal notices required and started the 30 day waiting period required by the letter. If they waited till 16th and you didnt pay it would be 30 days from then.

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