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I purchased a used 5 bedroom doublewide mobile home from Vanderbilt in February of 2004. The original contract that I signed was for $535.00 a month. Every year since then my monthly payment has been increasing. My loan is a fixed rate and I dont understand why. When I call them, all they can tell me is that the increase is due to escrow and insurance etc. I am a single mother who gets paid every two weeks and my paycheck is less than what the mortgage has risen too. They pretend they want to help you but after seven years of paying over $600.00 a month, they tell me that I do not have enough equity in the home to refinance. They harass me and send people out to my house to take pictures when the loan is less than 10 days past due. They call my house numerous times throughout the day and when I answer the phone they are rude and demanding. I will never ever finance another home through Vanderbilt.

My brother bought a single wide three bedroom home and financed it with them in 1996. He has been paying them for 15 years and they just recently sent him a letter stating that he owes another $20,000 on the home.

I have sent payments in which they would call and tell me that they never received it but once I pull out my check book or receipt and can prove to them then everything changes. This company really needs to be investigated and something needs to be done with them!

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vanderbilt is a crazy employer, you work and dont get paid. they give all type of excuse that have nothing to do with me.

I worked pay me and pay me on time, the bill collector wants his money, kids need food to eat. when you have work related injuries its *** getting medicine from the culprit.

vanderbilt is a kangaroo institution forget the cerebral bull. disgruntled to the nines, these liberals suck my blood for free, come on vandy tell the world what you are doing to people like me, these educated people in offices will be going home for weekend in plush homes with fat pay check and I am going to the slums after three weeks hard labor with no pay animals will go hungry and my kids,exploitationat its highest form


Hey folks, listen up, this crooked company does not want your home. If you push they will modify because the economy is so bad.

I pushed and got mine modified and these idiots on here that support Vanderbilt are their employees. They like to insult you and intimidate you.

Don't let them contact FTC and take it from there.Even after modification was started on mine one employee tried to intimidate me. I am unemployed through no fault of my own because I am disabled.


That is why you are financed with Vanderbilt. They do indeed specialize in subprime loans.

What that means is, with your *** credit score, it is your only option. And because you have a *** credit score, they have to charge you higher interest because it is risky to loan you money. If you can finance with another company then do it, but since you cant, due to your poor credit score, it is only your fault....

p.s. read a book


Vanderbilt does suck and their customer service stinks. I recently qualified for the Save my TN home program but they lie and say they are not part of the program.

I wish their employee had to suffer as I have, with disabilities and job loss. May someone flush them down the toilet.


Dave and Ms Ward and all the other *** and sons of *** that work here in Maryville Tn learn some manners when talking on the phone. Lets see, Dave hangs up on you and Ms Ward will belch right in the phone and never say excuse me. RIDE *** CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YOU CAN SUCK MY BLACK ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(....I hope everyone that is employed by this sorry *** company rots in ***!


ok then whole will finance me having a credit score of 587 and not rip me off?! any help would be appriciated


You realize that you bought a TRAILER? You should have read the fine print on your Home First Insurance policy.

Also, collection calls are made once per day by law unless you are NOT contacted and they have every right to make contact with you however means possible.

If you avoid them, it only makes it worse. they are just doing their jobs.


Start at the top. Maybe they like calls to their homes and directed at their families.

President and CEO Kevin Clayton

Age 47

$330,000 salary

$954,000 bonus Email

EVP and CFO John Kalec

$185,000 salary

$180,000 bonus

VP and CIO Ralph Warchol Email

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