We Bought our home back in 1998. for about fifty six thousand dollars, at a 12.99% fixed interest rate.

we had been making monthly payments of six hundred fifty two dollars for the past almost one month shy of eleven years. we begin having trouble paying our mortgage payments in April 2009. because of the type of business that we are in which is construction. we hired and paid a loan modification agency and vmf would not agree to a loan modification.

so after trying to come to an agreement with them. they have repossessed our home and we still owe them forty five thousand dollars.

and to make things worse they will not move the house out of our property untill the house sells. these people are ripp offs.

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I have a mortage with Vanderbilt. I am unable to pay it thus I am having to take Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

I have read many postings and I find Brians to be most useful. He must work for Vandy. At least he is putting the facts out there the way it is. Why get your hopes up when there is no reason to do so.

We have smarted off to Brian, but, at least he is telling it the way it is. I would rather know than get my hopes up. What he is saying is the truth.

We have tried everything. I wish everyone the best of luck in find a place to live.


I agree with all these people the people at vanderbilt are very rude not willing to help Ihave been trying for over a year to get a modification to no avail. Run!!!!


ok im trying to buy and a place and a land how dose this work they said im gettin a loan pls somebody let me know !!!!!!!!!!!


Brian seriously needs to get a life. He has nothing better to do than come on this site and shill for Vanderbilt and mortgage companies.

Brian, are you that lonely or pathetic that you can't get laid or something? You'd really rather come here and tell poor and destitute people that they should be more responsible?? Please just go kill yourself if that is indeed the case, as you claim. Otherwise, you haven't learned the art of trolling very well.

At least use another alias.

Everyone, IGNORE HIM! :roll :roll :roll


I Vanderbilt too and my husband and I got behind. I am just one month behind.

Well then I sent the payment and they refunded the money back to be saying stop payment. When I have called them they are rude and do not want to help me at all. They tell me to pay my mortgage before putting food on the table. I am attempting to pay and that is more than I can say for other people but sending my payment back.

I am in the process of contacting an attorney because of it. I hate this place and if everything gets straight I want to get away from them.

Don't go with this place, they are rude and have no compassion. You would figure they would want to help someone instead of taking their house.


People, Please!Please! Do not get a loan through Vanderbilt Mortgage!

You will be sorry!!!

If you have ever accepted any advice... Accept this!


I have had many problems with vanderbilt mortgage company( I originally had a loan with Chase but they sold it).

They first tried to change my due date to the 1st of every month- which I reminded them that they had to go by my original contract which states it is due on the 15th. This went back and forth for 6 months. These people are very rude.

Vanderbilt also tried to charge me for home owner's insurance-which i already had(same policy since i bought the home). It took two months to straighten out.

My statements are always wrong on the principle amount remaining.

Anyways, I filed bankruptcy- Chapter 7 over a year ago. It was mostly due to medical bills. I did not sign my reaffirmation agreement on the mortgage and the loan has been dissmissed. I have always made my payments.

I tried to get vanderbilt to change the interest rate, lower it maybe 1-2 percent. They said no. I have the upper hand here. They can not forclose unless I quit paying- and if I do quit paying, they can take the house but they can not come after me.

I have had enough of this cheaply built house. It is worth less than half of what I paid for it. I am going to stay here for free, I won't pay them another dime. I will wait until I get evicted.

I currently have 86k in my 401k and my employer has agreed to allow me to quit my job long enough so I can withdraw my full amount. I will be hired back right after. I plan on buying a normal house with cash.


For vickie, im sorry you lost your job, but the payment is still due, just like your electricty, cell, car, or any other bill. Also you can hire any one you want, they will take your money, call vanderbilt to request modification package, vanderbilt will advise them as they did you they do not modify or refi mortgage and you will be out more money. No mortgage co is under any obligation to modify any loan as you signed a contract.

I wish I could tell you better news but this is how it is. Your electric co is not going to give you a reduced rate cause you are not working, your cell phone will not drop price (unless you change to cheaper plan), or cost of food, taxes on your home. Why would your mortgage be any different? If you were living in apartment and did not pay what would happen? They would evict you, this is no different.

I sorry if it is to late for you as you probably already paid the att fees, but other can learn from this. Please post what happens down the road.

You would not believe how many times that people would call me when I worked their, ask for modification, adv them what we can do or not. They would get mad call a modification co, pay them all that money, the modification co would call me i would tell them the exact same thing and then customer would call upset because they were told the same thing after paying all that money,

Here is what att and "modification co" do. They just do the leg work for you, call the mortgage co, ask for a modification, get any from you needed and submit to mortgage co. Then take your money for something you could do yourself if that mortgage co does modification. It will be very hard to find any mortgage co that modifies mobile homes due to loss of value.


Brian, you say that we are all supposed to pay our bills. And you are right.

What happens when we lose our job and have paid into our home for many years? Should we just give it back to them? I dont think so. Currently my husband and I are working with a law firm to get our mortgage modified.

We asked Vanderbilt 6 times for assistance.

They are cold and callus and highly unprofessional. So maybe you need to look at all aspects of the story before you make judgements in their favor.


im in the process of buying a home from claytons and vanderbilt finance aka buy here pay here claytons lol since i have read here my ? is they want me to close tomorrow on my loan when my house is still sitting on the lot and i havent gotted a well or septic tank put on my land yet is it just me or does this sound like a crock of *** ive been waiting since december 09 to get my house and they come up with one excuse after another one and im tired of it i dont even have a move in date havent seen my entire home and they expect me to close on it


File a maintenance lein effective on the date foreclosure. Also get a restraing order preventing them from moving the house until the maintenance lein is satisfied.You can also claim the right to redeem the property for a period of one year from the date they sell it.Depending on the state you live in . Check it out.


Again i say it again people have the money to pay a modification co but can not make their payments?? Most modification co charge at least 500 non refundble fee and when they do the modificaion 1% of the pricinpal modified.

Yes the modification co will tell you yeah we have got a modification with them, but was it on a mobile home or a regular home. Vanderbilt has about 3000 accounts from loans they have bought that are not mobile homes that they will do their own modification plan on (not the govt program). You are right their is no law saying the cant modify your loan, but this just cost them more money. If you need more of the closing document send a legal request, they scan in all of the original closing documents so that any rep can pull it up on their computer if there is a dispute.

Good luck is all i can say.

Maybe if all these mortgage companies would stop do modification and people had to grow up and be responsible adults we would not be in this mortgage meltdown. You signed a LEGAL contract agreeing to the terms and now you want to change it.


Well throughout the past six years it has been no less than pure *** as to what Vanderbilt has put me through. Several of the things that has happened they could have made life simpler by taking a partial payment and allowing me to make extra with my other payments to catch it up.

I owned my own business for 14 years and I know I could have done anything I wanted to do as so could they. There is no law saying that they can not modify loans. Also, the modification company company I hired proved to me that they got several remodifications done through Vanderbilt and over 300 of them were FHA. And there are several other issues here as well.

I never recived those closing docs and the other day their attorney finally sent me a few of the closing docs he claims is all h had left on file. There are many many many issues here and unfortunately I am not gfoing to go into great detail about them. All I can say is there is a reason I have an attorney and am getting ready to take the legal action that I need to take.

But thank you so much for all your input. But the input y ou have given does not pertain to me or my case..


As for your comments, no i do did no comment on why they said fha because i do not know. That is why I went through all the time explaining a modification.

I am not asking your income (do not want to know it) just gave you examples of if your income was this, IF they did the govt program (they do not) this is how much your payment would be. I do know where vanderbilt is located, and that it is at clayton corp office is maryville tn. That co has its own management and staff. They also have an ins co there also.

I do not know why it took 6 years to get closing documents (you should have got a copy when you closed) but ask your att and we till tell you there is a special way to get closing documents. You must send a legal certified request to get these documents. Hopefully this will clear up some things for you. Vanderbilt does not do modification (even for modification co or att) except to take your balance and re extend the term back to the original term.

Unless you have paid for quite a while it will not help. Again I was not asking for your income just trying to give you examples, as i said in my previous post even the govt modification program does not take into consideration any other bills you have or expenses.

It is just simply 31% of your gross income (before taxes of deductions) plus any income he may receive (disability or any other income). Again please i am not asking for income just trying to let you see if a modification would have even reduced your payment at all.


Brian, yes it is a fact that I did ctch up my payments and how I did that is no ones business. As far as knowing your facts, no you don't because you do not know the circumstances involved here.

I did not say that Vanderbilt HAD to remod my loan... I said that they have lied to me. As far as how much my payments are, the terms of my contract, etc... again, you don't know all the details and I am not going to tell you.

I will tell you this, there is a REASON I have an ATTORNEY when I am not behind... you try to figure it out. As far as Vanderbilt goes, they can call themselves anything they want, but truth be known that they ARE in FACT Clayton homes. They are their own finance comoany.

However, Vanderbilt is the corporate offiice for Clayton Homes... and THAT is a FACT ... a proven one! And I noticed in all your "words" above, you had no comment on why it took them 6 years to give me my closing documents...

and why did they when I threatened to sue? Why didn't they do it earlier? They have known of all issues since day 1. As as far as my income, well..

that is no one's business either but you figure out how I take cxare of a brain damaged husband, disabled son, 2 year old daughter as well as home school.

Life throws changes at us all the time. They may not be "obligated" to do certain things, but they don't have to lie or pass the buck to someone else as they have constantly done.


I do know my facts, Clayton homes is who sold you the home, vanderbilt mortgage is who financed the loan. I do not know why they said anything about fha, vanderbilt does not modify their loan except to re extend the loan back out to the original term.

Unless you have paid for quite a while i doubt you would see any real drop in your payment. Vanderbilt is under NO obligation to do any modification to any loan. I do not need to back off of anything. You come on here to say your complaint and as anybody else I have the right to write back ( its a free world just ask you attourney)!

Also feel free to ask you attourney if vanderbilt is under any obligation to to modify your loan, he will tell you the same, you signed a contract plain and simple. It does not have a modification clause of if something happens they will modify your loan. If you were able to catch up all the past due payments and are current then i cannot see how you need a modification as you can make the payments then. Even if they did the govt program it would only reduce your payment to 31% of the GROSS (before taxes or any deductions) income of everyone on the contract.

For example if your gross income for the household was 1000 then your payment would be reduced to 310, 2000 would be 620. It does not take into consideration any other bills you have. It is just simply 31% of your gross income of everyone on the contract. Being mobile home i cannot see your payment being to high, but you can put your own numbers in and see what your payment would be.

Also you should know i know the laws for collection and the obama modification program as I work for a company that does personal and mortages and we just started the obama plan.

I have done several of these to see what would help our customers. Most of the time there payment is already less than 31% of their gross income.


for Brian.. let me tell you something..

#1 you need to back off.. you DON'T know everything. I paid my loan. even after my husband fell 26 feet and is now totally disabled and has perminate brain damage.

Vanderbilt tried to foreclose. And yes, like a few of you I hired a modification company and was told they could not modify my loan because it is FHA, FHA says it is NOT! So, I paid all arrearage and got my house out of foreclosure. Still yet, even though we are still going through this hardship and are completely caught up at the moment they still insist they can not modify my loan.

so what do you have to say to that BRIAN??? Is FHA and everyone wrong and lying EXCEPT Vanderbilt???? And before you respond to this I would suggest you to tread very lightly... Because I DO know my rights and the laws.

That's what my attorney is for... OH and another thing... Vanderbilt IS Clayton Homes... you better study more.

I closed in 2003 ... here it is the end of 2009 and had to threaten to sue to get my closing docs..

we used Clayton Home/Vanderbilt's Attorney.. Funny how FedEx delivered my closing docs YESTERDAY sent from VANDERBILT!!!


For sheri, i have a right to respond as the same as you do, and was just giving him info on how mortgage works and how he still owes this much as most people do not understand amoritzation tables as it relates to mortgages and how it works. People on here dont like it when people respond back and give it to them back in hard facts.

They just want to sit here and complain about the companies, a little one sided i would say. I work for a national finance co that does personal loan but we also refi mortgages so i am well aware how they work. This person complained they could not pay but could hire a modification co which normally cost 500-1000 dollars up front plus they charge 1% of the principal balance if they do the modification that vanderbilt does not charge for. Maybe if they paid their mortgage instead of the co they would still live in the home!!

And as i said before, your complaint about the home when you bought it is with clayton not Vanderbilt, you dont complain to your bank if something breaks on your new car you call the dealer. This is the same thing, get your facts straight. The reason debt relief co cannot do anything is this is a secured loan not unsecured.

As I said before you still will be legally responsible for any balance once they sell the home. Grow up people and pay your bills, you dont pay your car they repo, you dont pay your phone they shut it off, you dont pay you electric they turn it off, you dont pay your mortgage you loose your home, it is that simple!!

Sturgis, Michigan, United States #85160

yes if your land you can charge them for house left on it. do it! as for Brian why dont you get a life and quit responding to all these Vanderbilt MTG complaints ,unless you have walked in our shoes WHICH U HAVENT then stay out of it not one thing i read is good advice for people in trouble, BTW ACORN and all the other debt relief services i have looked into dont do mobile homes so we are screwed arent we, I like this girl have a 10 yr old home all kinds of issues to be fixed never done right in first place so may just walk away sure cant sell it and will watch it fall apart as they try to move it


The amount owed does sound correct according to amortization table for mortgages. It sounds like you were on 20 year term and after 11 years your balance would have been around 43,000 depending on which money plus late charges, interest, attourney fees for legal action, repo fees, and cost for selling home.

Also once they sell the home they can sue for any remaining balance owed for the home (they will probably not get 45k for the home) and can garnish wages, or put lien on any property you do own until paid. You can find amortization table for mortgages online and check my numbers, i just went off your numbers 56k loan 12.99% and 652 payment and it came out to 20 years then went to 11th year of table to get balance.

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