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We Purchase a Double Wide Home in 1998. Have Been Paying six hundred fifty two dollars a month for the last eleven years.

The Home Purchase Price Was fifty six thousand dollars. and these people are saying we owe them forty five thousand dollars. We Lost The Home Due To The Economy & High Interest Rate of 12.99%. We Even Paid A Loan Modification Agency to Help Us Work With VMF, But VMF Would Not Agree To Any Loan Modification.

So Now The House Is Sitting On Our Property. VMF Will Not Move The House Till Its Sells.

Any Body Have Any Advise On What Is The Time Frame In Moving A House Out Of Privet Property Or Can I File Some Kind of Petition In Court To Keep The House. Thanks

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Here is what you should do. Bill Vanderbilt rent and storage for each month the trailer is on your lot.

Don't know where you live but for the price you paid you might start at $300 a month as a suggestion. Storage rent is due on receipt of bill, late payment, or no payment adds a fee each month, plus you bill them 1.5% each month (18% a year) for all late payments.

Get an attorney, send the notice and initial bill and demand registered mail. If they don't pay after a year or so, have the attorney sue them for damages.


Well it seems to me this is partial your fault as well. You had the money to hire a loan modification company (which vanderbilt does not charge for if they do a modification) but you could not pay your payments.

Vanderbilt is not required to do any type of modification on your loan and if you do not pay they will foreclose. Also when they sell it you are still responisble for any legal fee, interest, or balance left after they sell it.

They can garnish wages, sue, or put lien on anything you own (the land you speak of). Just wanted to make sure you are aware of the legal issues of home being repossesed.


yes i do make them pay you storage on the home setting there in your land


sue them for storage fees and make sure it is enough to cover all you have coming to you

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