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My sister recently had a house fire totally losing everything in the fire. Well, needless to say: Vanderbuilt is not the least bit concerned that they r homeless at the present just want their money.

Do u think that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet would like this attitude seeing it says "Vanderbuilt does so much charity" yeah right NOT. All they want is their payment, not the least bit concerned that my sister and her husband have nothing left...all destroyed by fire. Vanderbuilt mainly Bill Gates and Warren Buffett wake up!!!

It won't let me send this post until I have put more into it.

They want names and product numbers. This happened in Chipley,Florida.

Almost reminds me of a commercial years ago about an insurance company that had their hands holding customers "stating we r always there for u" I got out of the commercial the minute something bad happened they opened their hands and let u drop and fend for yourself. So, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett u really should check into your office pratices coz of mouth goes a long long ways!!!!

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Vanderbilt is the finance company on my mobile home and I have had no problems with them. I was off of work for three months and could make a payment.

I signed a new agreement with them to defer the 3 payments, got back to work and back on track and have had no trouble with them. as a matter of fact, I am finally making my last payment next month..


Correct once again another one placing blame on the finance comapny when they failed to follow the requirments of the contract. Business can not just cancel a debt because of a loss however tradgic it may be


So if the customer was following the law and the contract they had ins on the home and the ins will pay the loan off in full. The only way they should have to pay is if they did not have the required homeowners ins per the contract.

If that is the case then yes they owe the debt and are in default by not having the ins.

Also if not paid then vanderbilt can sue for judgement on their credit and garnish and wages they have to recover the balance. This is why it is important you follow the law and have ins on your home!!

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