I had my home built in 1998 and have had my mortgage with vanderbuilt ever since.The interest rate is ok,7.5% fixed for 30 yrs.I have never been late with a payment and Have always paid a month in advance.I am going through a seperation now and my ex wanted the house.She agrred to make payments and after 5 months she decided not to make any payments at all and gave the house back to me to try and catch payments up. I tried talking with these people but they insisted that I pay the balance in full or face foreclosure.Now seeing that I owe 80 some thousand on the house there was no way that I could do this in the alotted time frame they gave me( 2 weeks)!!!

I filled bankruptsy to keep them from foreclosing on the house..These people need to be delt with on a gov. basis because they are complete morons that run this so Called Mortgage company.They do not care what your situation is you are the lowest thing in the bottom of the ocean according to them.The Lady that I spoke with called me a low life who wants something for nothing.My job has been very shakie due to layoffs and down time.My hours have been cut,but yet I am the reason for this??? I think not.I do work and I do work every day that the company is open.

So as far as I see, Vanderbuilt is the worst Mortgage lender in the Good Ol US OF A!!!!

Monetary Loss: $80000.

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Fort Sumner, New Mexico, United States #32536

vanderbilt takes advantage of the people that pay their bills they could be a little more understanding of the situations that people find themselves in due to work oremergency situations they have no control over.

Hickory Corners, Michigan, United States #17929

Hi, we also filed bankruptcy on a mortgage that we had with these guys to. As long as you do not resign to keep the house in your bankruptcy, they will have to accept that and take it as a lose, and by law they are not able to recoop anything else from you.

Trust me, they will still keep sending you statements in the mail, because I still get them and it has been 6 years since I filed. I guess they are hoping to get some money from us one day for it, but the only reason that we let it go was because the prinicipal balance was about $5,000 more than what we paid for the house and it was already 7 years old and it didn't seem like it was going down, so I don't know what they were doing with our money.

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