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I have been with Vanderbuilt mortgage for 8yrs. I have been on time with my payment the whole 8yrs never once late, recently like many other americans came into financial hard ship.

I explained my situation to them and asked if i could defer ONE month payment, their response was NO! if it is not made by the due date the loan will be sent to collections no if's and's or but's and we will start the forclosure process. WTF!? This is the kind of support I get after 8yrs of making my payment on time?

Vanderbuilt Mortgage are the biggest pieces of.... Well my advice to anyone Stay away from them they will *** over any way they can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vanderbilt Mortgage Loan.

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That suck don't use them they wouldn't work with us I'm disabled my wife got layed off they wouldn't help us get our payment lower like they said when we got our home we financed 15 years instead of 30 made 2 payments month times got hard they wouldn't change it like they said that would when we got it


Happy Consumer,

After being released from the hospital,I told Vanderbuilt that I was going to be late and their words to me were "you need to get off this phone and start looking for a place to live." I was not even late nor had I missed a payment. Then they tried to make me agree to things I knew I was unable to do....

Their compassion is lacking.

I almost died and one worker said "Well at least make sure your mortage gets paid" ..I need to get away from Vanderbuilt. Any suggestions welcomed!!!


:( Vanderbuilt mortgage foreclosed on me in 2006, harrased me on my job and messed up my credit saying that I owe them more m oney that is home is worth. And the thing about the situation, I wasn't even 2- months behind.


No "happy" I was told the same thing after only being deliquent 3 weeks. I too have never missed a payment.

My husband is not working as many hours now due to the earthquakes in japan..I was told that I need to make the payment asap. When I told her that I couldn't do that..she told me to pawn or sell something.

I was flabbergasted! She was the rudest lady ever!


I belive you have over exaggerated your circumstances. Collections doesn't begin unless you are over 3 months behind on your mortgage.

At that time, Vanderbilt has every right to protect their interest in the home. Like most mortgage companies, they don't want your home (it'll just sit vacant) they want you to keep your end of the bargain as when you signed for the loan.


i have been with vanderbilt for 10 long yrs i have 2 file boxes full of complaints, legal issues, etc.i hate these people and since i cant refi after trying over and over for years to get awya from them i am telling them to come take this house off my land.i may even serve them with eviction notice if i can.they will never get it out of here in one pc, like others it was never installed properly and is settling i cld not sell it i am sure.i cant wait to move this dream home has been the worse nightmare of my life.they break every collection rule in the book, document it , file complaints with state attorney general.their lowedst int rate is have to use their home owners ins, i cant beleive they get away with it and no one eve had class action, i had a 5 yr arm with a cap, but they never capped it , their rules , i hate them and i advise anyone to avoid clayton homes and vanderbilt mtg at all cost.they have 3 foreclosures on my st right now, rotting now how is that good business sense?

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