We have never been late on our payments in the last 8 years, not even a late charge. But this doesn't not count for anything.

We have had nothing but problems upon problems with insurance claims and vanderbilt. Our roof has been damaged several times from the wind, to only to be told by their insurance company they would only pay half. We were laughed at by contractors by telling them we could only get a partial roof. We had a partial roof put on, only to be blown off again.

adjuster sent out. Said they wouldn't pay because work had not been done on it. one last time out of desperation, due to water coming in through the roof and walls, low and behold, we actually got approved for a new roof! We received a check for new roof, had to be sent to vanderbilt to be cosigned.

We kept calling, because we never received the check back. come to find out , they took the check and applied it towards the mortgage. Husband said he would retain a lawyer and was told go ahead, it wont help. These people are so cruel and dishonest.

no one should ever have to go through the bad situations they create. They are Crooks!

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My husband and I were recently considering this company. Now, I think we will look somewhere else. Thanks for the "WARNING."


My payment has never been over 30 days late, and yes, I've received the late notices from the insurance company showing Vanderbilt as late too. I think I'll call the CEO's mom at home and find out if he is having personal problems.


Vanderbilt Mortgage account reps are the rudest, most obstinate individuals I've ever dealt with. Even if you arrange something with them, they still call daily to confirm until the agreed upon date arrives.

They harrass people, straight up. I marked their number as XXX and never answer the calls, my payment will be there by the end of the month. So they call and I smile and say, "Freak on out, hateful dudes, it's your blood pressure.

- No my personal information and address has not changed since yesterday. hahaha"


a hilrious note: Every year when it is time for Vanderbilt to pay my insurance ou ot my escrow account - and before you idiots at Vanderbilt comment, My payment has never been late, the insurance company sends me a copy of the letter they send Vanderbilt showing they are late in paying the insurance, maybe I should google their home address and contact their neighbors...

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