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Vanderbilt keeps calling me to contact my neighbor for them, essentially asking me to work for them for free. Why would I want to do that.

We live in a Clayton Park. Let the management talk to him.

I agree with others who have complained about Vanderbilt. For the past 12 years I have been paying 14%, way before the adjustable mortgages when up. After the first year they contacted me about refinancing (higher payment, shorter term).

Yet, when I called them later, I was told they are not refinancing.

My final complaint is that their website will allow to make a payment but not find out what your balance is. They are currently asking customers to try out a new system by submitting their account number and social security number (!) on a page that is not secure!

Mary in Texas

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They own the insurance company...HomeFirst...they don't care how much your premium is!!!!!

Alexandria, Minnesota, United States #3668

In my opinion, Vanderbilt Mortgage should be put out of business.They are the most annoying unethical group I've ever heard of. I know someone who has a fixed interest rate yet every year their payment goes up.

They claim its the insurance costs.

However, if they buy outside insurance the payment doesn't go down but a few dollars. It should go down to below what the first payment was because insurance was included in that first payment.

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