Vanderbilt Mortgage 12.75% interest in 2005. Forced insurance.

Paid 130,000 to Vanderbilt on TRAILER! Want us to pay 5000 down and 700 month on one of loan modification. Have filed complaint with Attorney General, CFPB, Congress woman Waters, my congressman Higgins, HOPE, HUD, MHA, every acronym place! NO ONE HELPS!!

They are foreclosing on us. Teaching 20 years no job. Elderly raising grandchildren NO HELP!! VANDERBILT CANNOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF US.!!


I am filing an answer to the suit, which goes into further fraud in naming ENTIRE family! ANYONE WITH ME?

Review about: Vanderbilt Mortgage Loan Modification.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I'm with you. Tell me what I can do.

They are forcing me to see or foreclose on me. Raised interest to the point I can't pay it. 737/mo up to over 1000/mo in 5 years time! Sent lynchmen to home and hid in the bushes.

Not kidding. Witnesses in the home to this. This mortgage co seems to go after the 'poor' people...the ones that can't fight back, taking their home/property and selling it to make money off of leaving the people homeless.

Vanderbilt needs to be stopped. The only way to do it is to band together and try to file a Civil Action Suit.

to Anonymous #1363696

They are criminals. Foreclosure in Louisiana.

Very lender friendly. Complaints with HUD, HOPE, MHA, CFPB, and La. Attorney General. NOTHING!!

Executory proceeding foreclosure in Louisiana. Waived all my right at fake signing. Aution set for 8/30/17.

Tried writing answer and defenses to suit. Nothing.

FINALLY, complained to consumer financial bureau in Tennessee. Fairly nice lender called to go over options. Problem is they will not lower interest rate 12.75%. Since 2005.

Paid over 150,000 for a 60,000 trailer using inherited property. Of course, they want property, too. People need to realize that we are not deadbeat homeowners!! We were treated unfairly and nobody wants to help!!

They need to be shut down. They have learned land packages lets them avoid taxes.

Couple that with inflated prices, unconscionable interest rates and escrow fraud, and you've got a Berkshire Hathaway! We need to do something!!!!!!

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