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I am wanting to get together all the Vanderbuilt and morgage customer together to do a law suit . If interested E mail me at ,as one group we can stop the customer privacy and we can get all the info together to make a case to get justice were justice is due .

DONT STOP THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!! I have at least 6 issues that come to mind . They send letters that state that they have programs that will help use but don't take the hards hit program in any state other than N.C ,AL ,and Tenn isn't that covenant for them .AS one group we can prevail.

God Bless!!

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i need the number to alco hwy where i can call u all


i live in ohatchee,al


i have a mortgage with vanderbuilt.they have put me thought so much bs i am so sick of it.i was 20.00 late.they called me 10 times a day.anybody reads this plz.dont get a mortgage with vanderbuilt..they lie and tell u.ur late when ur not

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