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After speaking with the sales rep who so eagerly wanted a credit app to pre-qualify us, 8 days go by and we never hear anything from him.We own the land out right ,when we did finally talk to the sales rep he asks us to put up more land.

Vanderbilt wants more than one acre of our forty to approve us ! They are crazy, one acre is plenty of space with yard for a modular home.

We'll keep our house in town and all of the land and they can just go on ripping off other people.Id rather own that land vacant than to have one of their homes on it !

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Be careful!They may put in a small unidentified remark in your legal paperwork which indicates that if you fail to pay, your property will be included with the unit as part of a failure to pay.

I noticed this after I signed (my bad)and it was too late to make the changes. It also took me 3 months to move in after Clayton quality controlled prior to the walk through. My electricity wasn't hooked up, the water heater wasn't hooked up, the fireplace didn't work, the electrical was bad and the overall quality was not good and they repainted the house after I had 3 major water leaks through the roof. Luckily I documented everything.

Vanderbilt; they still charged me for the original move in date.

With the problems people are going through you'd think maybe some passion might creep into their being; but I believe in the tooth fairy as well.


I don"t like Vanderbilt Mortage myself.They think they can talk to you any kind of way.No they cannot I am human just like they are.It's a certain kind of way to talk to people.If your paymets are late find out why first.Is there a problem or how can we help.

No the first thing they say is you are going to have to move out.or They send a man out to take pictures of the home. which they have taking about 100 picture of the home.

they know where the home is they call your number 20 times a day.Leaving nasty messages.Some one need to file a compaint against this company.

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