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I lost my employment last year because of a disability, prior to that in 2009 my hours were cut due to a disability. I fell behind in my mortgage payments to Vanderbilt Mortgage.

Tried to keep up but was without any income for over 6 weeks and was granted unemployment at the grand sum of 203.00 a week. Payments are 605.00 a month and then I was granted my disability in the grand sum of 988.00 a month payable on the 3rd Wed of the month. Try to explain that to their rotten customer service. If they repo this lousy mobile home that has no central heat and air they will also get my family property and it consist of a mountain of slate rock.

My son owns the right of way which will cut them out and they will have to put in a new road which is almost impossible.

They harass until you can no longer take it. I applied for and qualified for the Save my TN home program but they deny they are in the program which is a lie.

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Dont blame the employees they are just doing their job.They want to work with the customer to help them stay in their homes.Like any job the employees have to follow the guidelines of the company.You need to go up the ladder to get anything done my friend.Strange that they are not in the program in TN since the parent company Clayton Homes and home office are in Marryville TN. Go up the ladder call Kevin Clayton himself,fill his voice mail, mailbox and email.This company prides itself on the outward image but inside its not so pretty.

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