I've called 4 times in the past month. I lost my job in December 2009.

Am a Senior and retired. Its very hard living on $900 per month. When I called was told they don't lower interest rates and do not refinance. No modification at all.

What does one do when your mortgage company won't help you. All you left with is foreclosure or bankruptcy. Very disappointed in Vanderbilt. I was told someone be calling me to go over the situation and possibly help.

Was told to write a letter stating not to take out the the payment for next month.

With so much unemployment you'd think they would want to help people. Guess not.

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To Brian, shut your da-- mouth. You don't have a clue how difficult is is and then to deal with a company like Vanderbilt.

We have meds to buy most of us have no insurance. So shut up until you grow up.


Wow you are correct, they do not foreclose they repo mobile homes. Same as a foreclosure and show as foreclosure on credit since is mortgage. But as a repo they can move the home and they have a title.


Hey YOU CAN NOT FORECLOSE ON A MOBIL HOME!!!!!!! YOU GET A TITLE WHEN YOU PAY IT OFF NOT A DEED!!!!!!(only if you have land with it) :eek


What does being retired have anything to do with your mortgage, you signed a contract. No vanderbilt does not refi any mortgage and are not required to. It is same as if you were renting an apartment some where, you do not pay you would be kicked out!!

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