Vanderbilt is the mortgage co. that took over our mortgage when Oakwood went belly up.

We recently got a letter, Notice of Demand for Payment in Full of Your Account in the mail, telling us we defaulted on our payment agreement and that we have to pay over 50 thousand dollars, to keep our manufactured home. We are actually two and a half months behind in our payments. We were given less than two weeks to pay. If we do not pay, they will evict us.

We do not have this kind of money. Vanderbilt said they had already sent us the notice of default and right to cure default, of which we never received. Unless we pay this huge amount of money immediately, they may recover and resell our home. Can they do this, even though we never received the notice of default and right to cure default notice?

Also, if they can, how long would they give us to vacate our home? We do not own the land our home is on.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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Knowing my husband had back surgery, and I was supporting us on 1400.00 a month (with two kids), they took our house. I would get a lawyer if I were you.


I purchased an Fleetwood by Oakwood that was supposed to be new. Never missed payment till Vanderbilt mortgage and two kids hospitalized they broke entered and changed locks chapt 13 was just prolonging the theft of our money cause the home is not worth their appraisal--only home replacement model cost with depreciation minus leaking roofs/rotting floors..

They charged for lot we owned in contract to stack figures though we paid cash for taxes. The telemarketers harass and Ed the repo man threatens physically. It then goes to attorney Green in NC which is owned by Berkshire City Fi and Vanderbilt owns GMA which is why though the IRS depreciates trailers we are being cheated.

Look at the Burlington Nc Phoenix housing group arrest and see the *** Buffet Jim Kevin Clayton pull Clayton cheated on his taxes by buying an jet and on heating fraud,Pilot truck stops. Buffet on sanctions and kickbacks so Kevin and Ruby Tuesday,etc minus interest paid from model cost used and run tell Washington and friends to put these crooks in prison and refund consumers, Even Oakwood was found guilty of false value appraisal before transferred to Clayton.Don't pay a dime more,take your loss they defrauded you.

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