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a few years ago finances are not where they should be, all the time still amking payments partial payments,if you are one day late they are calling you and your relatives,i have never heard of a company treating people so badly.nothing is ever good enough,they will not work with you at all.i wish someone would start a class action should be against the law to treat people this badly.they will make your life unbearable at times, especially around holidays when things are already gard enough.its not like were not trying to pay them.

Monetary Loss: $60000.

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We are in the same situation with Vanderbilt and they are not a good company to work with if you are behind on one payment, they will not work with you but they call you daily, call your relatives, call you at work, call call call.... but if you tell them what you CAN DO and what you CAN PAY, they will not accept it.

I just sent it to them, if they don't want to accept the payment I think legally I could talk with an attorney and find another way to handle them. I have been harrassed by them daily, I have told them a payment will be made etc... and they turn around and call again the next day... what more do they want....?

BLOOD, maybe all customers of Vanderbilt should send them a pint of blood and ....

maybe a turnip! I HATE VANDERBILT'S professionlism or lack there of!

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